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J is excited by doing unprecedented and unpredictable things. A real rock artist, he ignites the hearts of so many listeners and artists all around the world. In January he will release his self cover best album FOURTEEN, celebrating the fourteenth year since his solo debut. In this interview he looks back at the starting point of his solo career when he went to Los Angeles by himself and recorded with Slash of Guns N' Roses, and the beginning of LUNA SEA, describing how he became the J of today.

You’ll release your album FOURTEEN-the best of ignitions- containing fourteen songs on January 26th, 2011 -- fourteen years since your solo debut. Fourteen is a special number for you, isn't it?

J: Yes. The reason I chose fourteen is that I always looked up to a professional soccer player called Johan Cruijff from the Netherlands when I was a child. He was cool with long hair, and produced the new soccer system, total football. His uniform number was fourteen, and so my first uniform number was fourteen too when I was playing soccer. And the uniform number of my friend who was a soccer player; Yajin Okano (Masayuki) was also fourteen, when he achieved the final goal in the French World Cup, and brought the Japanese team to World Cup for the first time. So there are many reasons why I like the number.

It’s your lucky number. So you had planned to do something special for the fourteenth year after your solo debut?

J: Yes. I wanted to make the fourteenth year loud in a way that only I could. But I hadn’t thought that much about it. I just kept working and suddenly here I am, fourteen years later.

I see. I'm glad we can listen to your old songs again in this album. Why did you start this year with your self cover album?

J: I thought it would be great if I could face music that that I had created before, and make it even brighter and hotter than before.

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