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live report - 02.01.2011 05:00

On the 26th of December, the GazettE were able to realize their dreams by performing at the legendary Tokyo Dome for their tour final THE NAMELESS LIBERTY.

Although Tokyo Dome was not sold out, a huge number of fans had gathered for this special concert, and as is customary for The GazettE concerts, a lot of cosplayers could be seen in the crowd, reminding of various stages of the band's past. The show began with a short intro video played on the big screen, accompanied by ominous piano music. Then an impressive light show started, during which the cage-like structure behind the stage was gradually lit up in green. Eventually the whole cage turned red, and their new song Red started.

After getting over the first surprise of seeing the guitarists' new hair colours, Aoi now sporting pinkish purple strands in his black hair and Uruha being back to blond, the audience started getting into the music, and by the second song, AGONY, the whole crowd was jumping. Ruki, dressed in a crimson velvet suit, thanked the audience in the middle of the song, and by the time it ended fireworks were exploding from the front of the stage. The intro of Hyena was then accompanied by pink fireworks, somehow giving the impression of cherry blossoms.

For the old favourites Akai one piece and Psychedelic heroine, the fans knew exactly what was expected of them, and it was quite amazing to see the whole Tokyo Dome do the the same dance movements in perfect synchrony. Ruki then introduced the recent single SHIVER, and after this came yet another old song, Ganges ni akai bara, in a larger than life version with strobe lights and fire on stage. Then it was time for the newest single, PLEDGE, released less than two weeks earlier. A warm glow lit up the stage from behind, and both Aoi and Uruha started out playing acoustic guitars, only to change to electric guitars as the song gained momentum. Ruki's emotional singing as well as Uruhas surprisingly clear guitar solo made this song actually sound better live than in the recorded version.

The mood changed for the next song, as the upper screen showed blood flowing down a drain to the electronic intro of Bath Room. When this song finished, Ruki sent up a startling blood-curdling scream as an introduction to DIM SCENE. During this slow but heavy song the GazettE really made use of the big venue to create a spectacular light show that rendered this the most memorable of the set. Ruki addressed the fans again, telling them to go crazy as usual, and to shake Tokyo Dome in a way never seen before. The fans did their best to go crazy to the heavy beat of HEADACHE MAN, alternating headbanging and jumping, the latter actually causing the hall to shake to the extent of a smaller earthquake. Ruki finished the song with maniacal laughter and continued right into VERMIN, where the fans got to shout in the chorus.

After the relatively quiet HESITATING MEANS DEATH, Ruki asked the fans, "You're not serious yet, are you", and launched into the old, hard rock COCKROACH. The band headbanged their way through the chorus of this, and then a scream marked the beginning of the even heavier DISCHARGE. The band and audience alike were headbanging, and the crowd shouted "hey hey" while pumping their fists in the air. When you thought the atmosphere couldn't get any hotter, the first tones of the ever popular FILTH IN THE BEAUTY were heard and the crowd went completely insane, while the fire that spurted out from the front of the stage quite literally contributed to the hotness. With a "Thank you Tokyo" in English, Ruki then left the stage followed by the rest of the band.

The audience patiently chanted for an encore, and after a while the stage lighting started blinking to the rhythm of the chant, to finally light up completely. Kai entered the stage, followed by Reita now with his faced covered by a scarf, and the two started their drum and bass solo for Ride with the ROCKERS, which was aided by the fans screaming "hey" according to Reitas instructions. Kai talked a little and thanked the fans by saying it is thanks to them that the GazettE were able to play in such a venue. Uruha and Aoi then joined them on stage and their guitars chimed in for the last part, still with the fans' shouts as the only vocals.

Enter Ruki, and Nausea & Shudder started, the fast, heavy beat accentuated by strobe lights. During the catchy SWALLOWTAIL ON THE DEATH VALLEY, Ruki walked out on the small platform on the side of the stage, and while walking back he shared with the audience that it had always been his dream to walk on this very ramp, and that it was a fantastic feeling. Then it was time for the classic Ruder, whose crazy punk rock attitude lifted the mood. The really old song Kanto dogeza kumiai had the hardcore fans kneel beside their seats while headbanging to the beat. All the band members except Kai went out on the ramps to get closer to the audience, and waved and smiled.

LINDA〜candydive Pinkyheaven〜 was another classic that everyone in the crowd knew and loved, and after this song the band left the stage, followed by a huge applause. However, it wasn't long before the band members came out again to the tones of Guns'n Roses' Knocking on heaven's door. They played the ballad Kare uta while the crowd listened attentively, and then Ruki held a long and very emotional speech where he told of the band's journey towards playing at Tokyo Dome and thanked everybody who had supported them along the way. His main message seemed to be that since they have accomplished this goal, he wished for everyone to continue believing in them in the future.

Following tradition, the very last song of the night was Miseinen, and Ruki let the audience help him sing parts of the song. When the song was over and the band came forward to thank the audience, it was clear just how much this concert had meant to them. All of the band members looked very touched, and especially Kai and Reita were crying to the extent that they were unable to talk. They finished the concert by taking each others' hands, urging the fans to do the same, and then on Ruki's sign the whole Tokyo Dome jumped at once.

Set list:

01. Red
03. Hyena
04. Akai one piece
05. Psychedelic heroine
07. Ganges ni akai bara
09. Bath Room
16. Filth in the beauty

Encore 1:
01. Ride with the ROCKERS
02. Nausea & Shudder
04. Ruder
05. Kanto dogeza kumiai
06. LINDA 〜candydive Pinkyheaven〜

Encore 2:
01. Kare uta
02. Miseinen
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