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interview - 13.11.2010 00:01

Looking For The Starlight...

Alice Nine released their single Senkou (Flash) this summer and rocked around Japan on their nation-wide tour. When this magazine is released, they will be in the later half of their tour, but we've gotten news that they have already completed their new single! Stargazer: is the title of the single to be released on November 10th. This time, we had separate interviews first with three members, Shou, Hiroto and Tora, and then another with the rhythm team of the band, Saga and Nao.

Although you are in the middle of production, I was lucky enough to listen to Stargazer:! I have to say it’s brilliant.

Tora: Really? Well we haven’t finished mixing it yet.

Right. Even so, I’m sure the core parts won’t change that much. It had a great melody.

Shou: It was a big thing for us to meet the producer this time, Hajime Okano (he produced many artists including L'Arc~en~Ciel and Janne Da Arc). At first, we made six or seven songs and asked him to listen to them. We recorded vocals too and thought we polished the songs well, but he said, “They are so bad. Look at yourselves some more and make them again." (smile)

He killed them all?

Shou: Yes.(smile) He killed them all. Then we started from one again.

Hiroto: We made five or six more songs.

Shou: Though the songs went through a severe selection process Stargazer: and Shinkirou (Mirage) made it through and we recorded them.

Do the songs he told you to remake at first have different moods from Stargazer:?

Hiroto: They totally changed. I think that by having someone outside the band look at our music made us look over our abilities and the style of our single again.

Shou: I think that what he made us learn most was what is Alice Nine’s strong point, and how we can use it to our full potential. We are generally curious and want to do different things, however, our singles are like our business cards. So we should make songs that make people really feel Alice Nine. I think we got a good result through taking a good look at ourselves.

I think that what you've created is brilliant…...(laugh) How was writing the lyrics?

Shou: This time I was really conscious of how many syllables I used for each note. I did six syllables for six notes, whereas I used to do about ten syllables for six and four notes. I don’t know how to explain it clearly…

You mean you didn’t pack in as many words?

Shou: Maybe. At least that’s what I tried to keep in my mind as I was writing them.

It’s definitely the type of song where we take in both the lyrics and melodies at the same time. As for your guitar playing, what advice did Mr. Okano give you?

Hiroto: Well he didn’t say much about technique, but more basically….I think he increased my awareness in my playing. Of course he gave me musical advice too, but he helped my self awareness in my playing the most, I think.

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