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interview - 15.08.2010 01:01

The Attack of Flash and Light!!

Alice Nine will send us their long awaited new single on August 25th. The title of the new song is Senkou (Flash). It’s a speedy hard rock number that matches the image of the title. They have many hard songs in their repertoire, but this time the tune has an unusual hardness about it. We asked the five members about how they overcame this new challenge and their tour starting in July.

Now you can talk about your new single Senkou… finally! (laugh) Honestly speaking, you must have had a lot of time for production.

Shou: We made new songs for two singles. And it's because we made those songs that we were able to make the songs for this single.

This kind of hard rock element is unusual for Alice Nine.

Tora: Did you feel that?

Saga: I think if we'd had those elements in our music up all along, you wouldn't feel like that, so it's kind of natural to think there is a reason behind it all. (laugh)

I heard there was a tie-in, actually.

Saga: Yeah, we were very honored to be asked to do that. It was difficult to get the balance between what we wanted to do as a band and what we were requested to do.

It seems like you can’t let on any of the details about the tie-in, but I am guessing it must have a hard rock image… right?

Saga: I never thought that I would make the title song, not at all. (laugh)

Well, you should open up more, let those creative juices flow.

Saga: Oh, I’m open...(laugh) I have images in my head, but I have never made a song before. Furthermore, they had a very clear image so it at times was difficult but still enjoyable. I felt satisfied in the end. I think I really got something out of it too.

The image is different for different people too. We may be thinking the same thing but
the image can be completely different.

Saga: I thought that too!

Tora likes metal music, doesn’t he? Did you ever ask him his opinion?

Saga: Yes. His opinion came into play in the coupling song, Le Grand Bleu. In fact, Senkou was made the title song at the last moment Senkou and Le Grand Bleu competed for the place of title song, so we thought about it a lot.

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