lecca - My Measure

review - 11.07.2010 20:05

Happiness, anger, sadness: lecca presents them all on one single.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to be treated to some new material after lecca released her fifth full album BIG BOPPER in July 2009. In November, she released a maxi-single My Measure with three brand new songs.

The single kicks off with My Measure, which is consistently pronounced as “my major” by lecca. It’s not in one of her trademark styles - there's no reggae or dancehall - but it can be categorized as upbeat pop. Synthesizers play a large role in the arrangement of the song and give it an incredibly happy, cheerful feeling. It has so much bouncy cheerfulness that this song is perfect for making a smile appear on your face after a hard day.

Hyakki hime yakou is more in lecca’s usual style, especially with the angry “don’t mess with me” vibe it has. The track is composed by Donovan "Don Corleon" Bennett, a Jamaican producer who has also worked with the likes of Sean Paul and Rihanna. The composition is full of dark tension, and lecca’s rapping adds perfectly to that, but it has the tendency to become monotone and thus boring after a few listens.

The last track is somebody else’s guy, which breathes the sadness of a brokenhearted girl. Although it’s far from a ballad or anything slow-paced, it’s far less bright and not as powerful as the previous two tracks. Although it’s not overly special and would certainly not be strong enough to be a title track, it’s still an enjoyable listen.

With My Measure, lecca seems to have taken on a more mainstream pop sound while still keeping true to her own style. Hopefully the artist will stay true to herself rather than be immersed in the mainstream because it is her uniqueness that has gotten her this far.
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