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interview - 12.05.2010 01:01

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2009 was the 5th anniversary for Alice Nine since they formed the band. To commemorate this anniversary, they will release Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009 on March 24th, which is made up mainly of their previous singles, and they will also do their long-awaited live house tour Kikagaku no kotowari after they release the album. This time, we asked each member to select one song from the album which is most memorable for them, and to explain the reason why they chose it. We also asked them to tell us about their hopes for the future including the up and coming tour.


Which song is the most impressive song for you in the album?

Shou: I choose WHITE PRAYER. Before we released this song, we had said, "We need this kind of song." I used to select songs which members made and built our activities. At around when we released JEWELS (March 2007), we were told, “You should make these kind of songs.” It was frustrating because I needed to be true to my impulse and to what I thought was cool. This was the first time that we made a song just by my impulse and made it our single. As for the PV, the director understood our view well, and he helped us make a great video, so it’s a very memorable piece of work for me. Whenever I sing it in our lives, I can be proud of it. I think that the lyrics have a strong message in them too, so I reminisce about it.

What’s your view for 2010?

Shou: First of all, the title of the tour which will start in March is Kikagaku no kotowari, and to explain the meaning simply, it means that we want re-confirm everything that Alice Nine is again with our fans. To send each of our personalities out to everyone, we play solos in each scene, and show what Alice Nine really is. The set list will match the tour after we release the single collection (Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009). And to say a something personal, recently it really feels like when I was doing club activities when I was a student. Until recently, I was kind of angry at myself, and then it was the first day of the tour….

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