DaizyStripper - Dearest

review - 12.02.2010 04:35

Dearest is a two-track single that attracts complete opposites.

DaizyStripper’s Dearest presents two similar yet opposing sounds. Beginning with Dearest, the title track of the single, it promises liveliness with a whoosh of synthesizers, welcoming the ears nicely. Following a typical visual kei pattern in terms of composition, Dearest is surely a hit song. It is fast-paced, with guitar riffs and an almost unnoticed weave of orchestral strings coupled with synthesizers. During the latter portion of the track, a guitar solo astonishes the ears of the listeners - any guitar solo or shredding is astounding - and envelops them in an adventurous world.

Jiiteki Showtime, a carnivorous mess of screaming and synthesizers buried under heavy bass and guitar, throws itself at the listener with a coarse attitude. A hint of rap is suggested for a span of a few seconds during the bridge between verse and chorus, creating an outstanding sound.

While listening and creating an image of what each song suggests symbolically, it is as if
Dearest represents something close to one’s heart and its affection for one or multiple persons. Conversely, Jiiteki Showtime, represents the rough, aggressive and distraught emotions society brings upon us as things fall apart. Such stark differences between the tracks are the basis of DaizyStripper and all their music represents.
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