D=OUT Live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

live report - 04.06.2009 01:01

D=OUT rocked Tivoli on the last night of their European tour.

When the news appeared D=OUT was going to play in Holland, people were surprised; this was a rather unknown band and there seemed to be little interest. Now, after the live has taken place, this opinion has definitely changed drastically: D=OUT has put themselves on the map with a bang!

It was only 9 o'clock in the morning when the first fans started lining up in front of the Tivoli building. By the time the JRock NL staff member made her announcement, a little more than 200 people were waiting in front of the stage. The lights went off and the intro seiten no hekireki from the album ZIPANG blew through the speakers. The first one to enter the stage was drummer Minase, followed by bassist Reika and guitarists Hikaru and Ibuki. Last was singer Kouki; each member was welcomed by loud cheering.

D=OUT obviously had a lot of fun playing on the stage. Their faces were lit up with joy, and from the beginning of the show, people could already tell the band wanted to make something special of their last night in Europe. Reika flirted shamelessly, and both guitarists communicated with the audience in their own way.

Live, D=OUT sounded a lot rougher than on albums, but this was not a bad thing. The set list was a diverse one with heavy rock as well as catchier songs, this kept the audience from losing concentration. Ballads made sure there were a few quiet moments as well, and in akai kasa to anata, Kouki proved that he could do more than scream - he could sing with emotion, too, and convey his message to the audience.

Halfway through the set it was time for an MC, during which the band members introduced themselves. Minase started by saying some things in Japanese, but when he got no response, he chose to switch to the international language: shouting "yeah" and "motto" (more), he got the audience to shout with him. Reika introduced himself in Japanese, saying, "My name is Reika," and was met by enthusiastic cheering.

Hikaru, dressed in a kimono-like creation, did his part in English: "I am hot," he said, while fanning himself. "My name is?" The audience replied by yelling his name. “Good,” the guitarist said, smiling, and he put up his thumb. The fans showed their approval by shouting "cute" in Japanese. Ibuki said in his native language, "Thank you. I love Holland," and all the band members nodded in agreement. Kouki ended the MC, saying, “I am Kouki! I am very happy! I love you, we will come back!”

Now the band really went crazy and played one of the heaviest songs on the set list. The last part of the song was played over and over for quite a few minutes, and nobody seemed to mind that at all. The band members ran across the stage, performed fanservice and above all were not scared to get close to the audience, to the point where they were almost pulled into the crowd. It seemed D=OUT didn't ever want to stop, and the audience too showed no signs of fatigue. And even though Kouki announced the last song multiple times, the music just kept on playing.

When exhaustion finally overcame them, the band thanked the people who came to see them and even taught the audience how to wish one good luck in Japanese. In conclusion, the band wanted to take a picture with the audience in the background. D=OUT sat in front of the stage with their backs to the audience who were holding up their hands, fans and banners, while a staff member took a picture. After this, the show ended. The band left the stage to get prepared for the signing session that would take place later while the fans went to buy merchandise they could get signed.

D=OUT excel at being daring. The typical Japanese reserve wasn't seen here, and for a band who was doing their first overseas tour, this is even more special. As the evening continued, the five got more and more daring, which affected all of the audience. By the end of the night, even the people in the back were jumping up and down with their fists in the air!

Those who were already fans will have taken beautiful memories from the show. The ones who came to support the scene have probably become fans of D=OUT by now! Above all, D=OUT, a young and rather unknown band, has proven to have a good amount of talent, and hopefully in the near future they'll return to rock stages overseas again!

Set list:

Intro: seiten no hekireki
01. Bankoku, dai Tokyo
02. Ginza Adventure
03. Shangri La
04. Hanasaki Beauty
05. Heisei Bubble
06. Harukaze Shalala
07. Akai kasa to kijo
08. Goku
09. Myojou Orion
10. Tachikaze yokochou

En1. Natsu matsuri
En2. Shisei‐tattoo‐
En3. Flashback
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Utrecht - Netherlands
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