BLOOD and DJ SiSeN Live in San Antonio, Texas

live report - 18.03.2008 12:00

Live report of BLOOD's second stop on their [Darkest Labyrinth vol.7] in USA tour.

Sam's Burger Joint, in downtown San Antonio, Texas, looked like a roomy venue from the outside, but first impressions of this tall structure dissolved once inside. Upon entering, the stage was set to the right, a small open section of floor in front of it. The rest of the immediate area was crowded with randomly placed tables, booths and chairs. There was a bar at the end of the room as well as another seating area adjacent to the stage.

Though the doors opened later than scheduled, fans quickly filled both the floor and seating areas as, lights already dimmed, a mix of dance music played. Dressed in their gothic best, and, in some cases, the brightest of neon colors, the crowd patiently awaited the night's performance. Before anybody took the stage the audience was informed of Kaede's absence due to his being ill, and that he urged the other members to proceed without him. In his place, BLOOD's newest member, Ryo would be joining them on keyboard.

As the crowd's excitement grew, DJ SiSeN pranced on stage, bumblebee parasol in hand, lullaby type music playing as he took control of the DJ booth. Pacifier in his mouth, he waved his other prop, a pink magic wand, as he mixed. Though the music was perfect for dancing, the audience remained mostly still, opting to gather around the booth and snap pictures rather than dance. While one song was playing, SiSeN left his booth and danced on stage, layers of brightly colored clothing, jewelry, and hair décor bouncing along with him as he tossed various goodies in to the crowd. After a while, it seemed as though the fans had taken their fill of pictures and it was then that they began moving to the music, their excitement growing each time SiSeN returned to the stage. Those who have yet to see DJ SiSeN in action might not realize what fantastic rhythm he has and he danced in turn with his parasol and magic wand during his second and third rounds on stage. For the fourth, he brought a camera and snapped pictures of the audience before exiting to much applause and zealous screams.

After a performance by opening band, Lucid Dementia, DJ SiSeN returned to the stage for more dancing and mixing while BLOOD got set up. Lights down, their instruments having been prepared, BLOOD was officially announced and they took the stage, the crowd roaring with excitement.

They started with CRIMSON, Fu-ki dancing along with the music, his movements smooth, catlike. Although this tour marked Ryo's first performance with BLOOD in the United States, he seemed right at home on stage with the other members and danced behind his keyboard, neon hair extensions swinging from side to side. When the song ended, Fu-ki thanked the audience for coming before they launched in to THE REAPER BEHIND ME, during which Kiwamu reached in to the crowd, touching the multitudinous hands that reached up for him. The next song was Under The Sensual Moon.... Fu-ki encouraged the fans, yelled, "Come on! Show me your hands! Wave your hands!" The fans complied and gave it their all, never letting their hands drop as the music raged on. While FOLLOW started a bit slower, the crowd's energy was high, hands continuously grabbing at Fu-ki's corset-clad chest as he leaned forward. Those with their eyes on Kiwamu were treated to some interesting movement, slow, almost robotic as he stared in to the crowd before grabbing one person's hand and sticking their fingers in to his mouth!

Following this song was an MC, during which Fu-ki explained Kaede's absence, giving the audience a nice laugh when he simply stated, "Please don't worry. He won't die." The next two songs, BLOOD and Morphine, both from BLOOD’s "First Period", provided almost endless stimulus for the eager fans, from Kiwamu and Fu-ki standing right next to each other while Fu-ki sang, to Kiwamu joining Ryo on the opposite side of the stage, even his well-placed guitar solo garnering screams from the crowd below.

ESPACE included more of Fu-ki's slinky dancing and growled backing from Kiwamu, but DEAD-HEARTED really got the crowd going. With Fu-ki head banging, always encouraging the crowd to follow suit, and Kiwamu grabbing the hands of the fans, this song was one of the most memorable performances of the night. During this song, Fu-ki officially introduced Ryo as their new member. Following this pair of songs was another MC in which Fu-ki mentioned that it was their first time in Texas, but that there was such a large crowd and thanked everyone for coming.

The band's energy remained strong through oboro and LA FIN DE LA JOURNEE, the former filling the venue with the sounds of fans chanting "HEY HEY HEY", the latter getting the crowd dancing due to Fu-ki's request of "Let me see you dance!" WALL OF GRIEF gave the audience a chance to see Ryo better as he came to the front of the stage, dancing and swaying as the music played on. After CHAIN, another newer, but seemingly very popular song, during which Fu-ki stage dived and was returned safely by his fans, was another MC.

"Want more?" Fu-ki asked, and the room resounded with screams as they began playing Sweetest Disease. Hair swung to and fro as the band and audience banged their heads and Fu-ki even held the microphone out so the fans could sing along. The last song was LES LITANIES DE SATAN, a hard-hitting, dark song featuring a growling chant of "SATAN". Though the audience kept their enthusiasm high throughout the concert, this song only seemed to spur them on as they surged forward, then back, jumping up and down as the song came to an end.

After leaving the stage, BLOOD returned, along with DJ SiSeN, for an encore and played D.T.M.H.. Though the sound of this song is rough, electric, somewhat dark, the atmosphere seemed light and playful as SiSeN danced around behind the band, Ryo accompanying him in this amusing display. When the music ended, the fans cheered, eagerly awaited their chance for photos and autographs.

BLOOD's schedule was tight for this tour. With four consecutive dates, all in different cities, it's a wonder they had extra time for anything, but they hung out until Sam's Burger Joint was almost completely empty save for the band itself, SiSeN, their crew, and the venue's staff. They seemed genuinely happy to talk to their fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures, and fans left the venue tired, but happy, still chatting animatedly about the performance they had just seen.

3. Under The Sensual Moon...
6. Morphine
9. oboro
13. Sweetest Disease
E1. D.T.M.H. (with DJ SiSeN)

Photos by Lacy.
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San Antonio, TX - United States of America
Sam's Burger Joint
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