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interview - 03.07.2007 13:00

JaME had a brief chat with DuelJewel about tours, camp-outs, and how Val needs more friends.

JaME met with the members of DuelJewel in a conference room at the Los Angeles Renaissance Hotel. They took a few minutes to answer our questions just one day before their JRock Revolution performance.

Can you please introduce yourselves for readers who are new to the band?

Shun: Shun, guitar.
Natsuki: Natsuki, bass.
Val: Val; V-A-L, drums.
Hayato: Vocals, Hayato
Yuya: Sexy Yuya (Everyone laughs)

Why did you choose the name DuelJewel?

Shun: Val and I started the band. We thought a lot about it, and we really just liked the sound of it. But, the truth is that we had two names we were trying to decide between, and we couldn't choose…so we just combined them.
Val: Maybe for Americans it sounds odd, but there is a big meaning behind it (laughs). But… That's not really true (everyone laughs).

Why did you decide to play at JRock Revolution?

Hayato: It's just a great chance for us. There are so many famous bands playing, and we wanted a challenge. At first we thought we couldn't make it, because our tour is starting, but we thought about it and decided we could not pass up such an opportunity. Nothing like this has happened in Japan. We decided the only thing that could stop us is a big storm, or something that would keep the plane from taking off! (Everyone laughs) Now, WE will be a big storm! (laughing).

Kagrra, mentioned previously that they're friends with all the other bands, but that tomorrow will be a sort of competition. Do you feel that way as well, and if so, do you think you'll win the competition?

Hayato: If they want to be friends with us, we’d love that! (laughing) Yeah, it's true, tomorrow we will be competitors. So I guess they've forced us to have a feeling that we'll beat everybody! (everyone laughs) Some people might feel that it's a competition, but the truth is the real rival is inside yourself (laughing).

You've played in the US many times before, are you excited to be back, and is there anything in particular you'd like to see in L.A.?

Hayato: I want to meet Paris Hilton!
Yuya: Me too! (Laughing) I've been to California before and I loved it. I'm really happy to be back here and experiencing the atmosphere in L.A. I don't feel that I need to see this or that, I'm just really happy to be here.
Natsuki: I wanted to go to Universal Studios, but I got confused, and I was saying I wanted to see USG, which is the name of a Japanese band ….so everyone was saying "You want to see WHAT??". (Everyone laughs)

Previously, your US performances have been at anime conventions. Do you think it's difficult for Japanese bands to play outside of conventions?

Hayato: I don't think so …we've been to all the big conventions in the last 5 years. I guess it might be seen as difficult, but I don't think it's impossible. Please work hard and make us famous so we can play outside of anime conventions! (Chuckles)

We heard a rumour that you'll be having a one-man U.S. tour this summer, can you tell us if this is true?

Val: It's not correct …we had a plan to do a one-man tour, but now it's not going to happen.

You'll be playing at AREA 10th Anniversary in June with several different bands. How did you come to be playing at this event, and what do you think about Fatima and Shulla regrouping for this event?

Hayato: We're home grown, that's how we were invited to play at that anniversary. We knew ahead of time that we'd be a part of the event because it's our home area.
I'm really happy to see that Fatima and Shulla will be performing. I love Fatima, so I'm really excited. Same with Shulla. They're playing on different days than we are, so I will also attend on those days so I can see their lives. I'll be going for 3 days and camping out. We'll do our live, and then sit back and enjoy the show.

Many visual kei bands are releasing albums in Europe via distribution companies. Would you consider doing the same?

Hayato: We'd love to do it. I want everyone in the world to listen to our songs. It'd be great. If that opportunity arises, we'll definitely take it. If you know anyone, please tell them about us!

You started with the current line-up about eight years ago. Looking back, what accomplishments are you most proud of as a band?

Hayato: I can't believe that we get to play with Sugizo from Luna Sea, because we were so inspired by that band. Looking back to eight years ago, there's no way I would have pictured this happening.
Val: I think, eight years ago, I never thought it would be possible for us to play shows in the US. I never thought a visual band would be able to come to America. If I wasn't in a band, NOBODY, no one in the US would like me, or want to be friends with me. So I feel surprised that American people want to hear me. (everyone laughs)
Natsuki: I just can't believe that we're playing in the US. I never imagined I'd ever be in this situation.
Yuya: Me too, the same.
Shun: Like Val said, when I was a kid, I always thought "It would be great if I could stand up on a stage in America!", but I never thought that could really happen. During our last tour in America, we had all the fans singing along with our songs, and I can't wait to feel that again tomorrow.

Do you have a message for your US fans?

Hayato: I'd love to have a solo tour of the US. When we do have one, please come and join us. Tomorrow's event will be a big step for us towards having a solo tour. Please enjoy the show.

JaME would like to thank the members of DuelJewel for their time.
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