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interview - 27.04.2007 13:00

Interview with visual hard-rock band, UnsraW who recently released an album in Europe.

First of all, we would like to ask you to introduce yourself: Who are UnsraW?
UnsraW: UnsraW are: vocals Yuuki, guitar Rai and Tetsu. The bass player is Jun and the drummer is Sho.

What is the meaning behind the name ‘UnsraW’, and why did you pick this name?
UnsraW: We won’t tell you, please use your imagination.

How did you meet each other?
UnsraW: Yuuki and Sho had played in a band together before. Tetsu, Rai, and Jun have known each other for some time now and have played music together in the past as well.

The music you play is pretty hard and heavy. What artists inspire you?
UnsraW: We are inspired by lots of artists and different genres of music; we learn from there and look for our own style of music.

Do you consider yourself part of the visual kei scene? If so, why did you decide to pick the visual-kei scene instead of the general rock/metal/gothic scene?
UnsraW: Firstly, because Visual Kei is the genre which includes more stage appeal. Secondly, compared with other genres of music, Visual kei is not really categorized based on the type of music, so we can express ourselves very widely.

You're still a very young band, but you've already gained quite a lot of fans, including overseas ones. How does it feel to gain popularity so fast?
UnsraW: We don’t feel it at all, but we are very honoured to hear it.

You’ve just celebrated your firstst anniversary as a band. Looking back on this year, how has it been and what has been the most memorable moment for each of you?
UnsraW: It has only been eight months since we started (note: Their OHP lists April 2006 as their start date). Nevertheless, we did our best and already we were able to have three one-man live shows. We have good sales, and we are very thankful for that.

Yuuki: We had a one-man concert as our first concert. I am very happy that many people listened and felt our music. I am very satisfied with this year, I felt all emotions (delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure).
Rai: I cannot say how it was clearly. But I experienced more than I ever had before in my life.
Tetsu: So many things happened in this year since we started, sometimes it was tough. But I enjoyed it very much.
Jun: The most impressing thing was the encore at our one-man concert on the 26th of March. When I think back on this year, I had so many things to do; I feel I have been playing more than a year in this band.

Your first concerts were seven secret concerts, over a span of two months. Why did you decide to do these secretly?
UnsraW: That too is a secret. (laughs)

Can you tell us something more about your music and your lyrics? Is there any message in particular that you want to transmit through both your music and lyrics?
UnsraW: “Love”.

Do you think that your music will also attract listeners from outside Japan who aren’t familiar with Japanese music yet?
UnsraW: We are confident that we can attract them to our music.

As for yourself, are you interested in other visual kei bands or do you prefer to listen to other genres of music?
UnsraW: We don’t listen to just one genre but always try to listen to the newest bands out there.

Yuuki, in some songs you growl in many parts. Aren’t you afraid of damaging your voice with this?
Yuuki: I have not worried about it recently. At the beginning, I practiced too much and often had a sore throat.

Another question for Yuuki: In your former band, CoRe the Child, you also played piano next to being the vocalist. Do you intend to play some parts for UnsraW as well, or do you use it to help you with composing, for example?
Yuuki: I don’t have any plans for it, but if it should become necessary, then I would do so. For composing, I always use the piano, synthesizer, guitar, and bass.

You’ve recently released the mini-album –Calling-. How did the process of writing and recording go?
UnsraW: We had strong emotions and ideas for it, so the process was very hard and stoic.

For people who don't know you yet, they first notice UnsraW’s catchy and outstanding visual appearance. Do you think this dark and gothic image with masks represents your music as well?
UnsraW: Yes. While we are categorized into visual kei, which is very foreign from the Japanese culture, we are careful to make a synergetic effect for music and visual performance.

Your costumes have been designed by ID Japan and your masks by Screaming Mad George. How was it to have the opportunity to work with these well-known designers?
UnsraW: We feel very honoured to work with the people who have worked with the artists whom we admired when we were small.

Why did you decide to wear masks? Is there any specific meaning behind them?
UnsraW: It is absolutely necessary for a part of our performance.

It seems it could be difficult to perform with these masks during your lives. Are they comfortable enough to perform in any way you want without restricting you?
UnsraW: It is kind of difficult. (laughs)

You have released the album Spiral Circle ~Complete~ in Europe on April 20th. What expectations do you have with this release?
UnsraW: We are very happy to perform not only in Japan but also globally. We wish our music to reach as many people as possible.

Do you have future plans to perform in Europe as well, or in other foreign countries?
UnsraW: If we get the chance, we would very much like to do so. Please support us when that time comes.

What are your other plans you have for UnsraW’s future?
UnsraW: We have a one-man concert at Shibuya O-West on 23rd August and a mini-album being released in August as well.

Please give a final message for your fans.
UnsraW: Please look forward to our super crazy and cool music and live performances!

Thank you very much for the interview and we wish you good luck with your music career in the future!

JaME would like to thank UnsraW and CLJ Records.
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