amaterase “Boukyou Aisyuu Monogatari” at Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!

live report - 10.02.2019 00:01

amaterase’s special live show featuring Japanese drums.

amaterase resumed their activities in January 2017, ten years after the band went on hiatus in January 2007. Since the year 2017, the band has had live shows in the venues that held special memories for them. The show on December 22nd consisted of two parts: an acoustic live show in the afternoon and the special live with guest Japanese drum player Motofuji Hiroshi in the evening. This report covers the later part.

As the title “Boukyou” (nostalgia) suggests, it was a special night for the two members of amaterase, vocalist AKIRA and guitarist DAISHI, to be able to have the live show in the venue whose staff always supported them throughout their band career. However, not only amaterase, but also each support member revisited their good memories through this show. For bassist Shigure (RHEDORIC), the venue is the place where he first met his musical comrade DAISHI. For drummer Dewey (INTERAGE), the venue is the place where he first had the show as a member of NINJAMAN JAPAN with his good senior, DAISHI. Finally, Japanese drum player Motofuji Hiroshi moved fans by wearing the same stage outfit from his last show with amaterase before the band’s hiatus.

The band started the show with Nayuta, their new song released in January 2018. The song’s melody, deeply rooted in Japanese spirit, harmonized well with Motofuji’s soul-stirring drum beats. AKIRA, dressed in a white robe, sang passionately of the start of the new journey. The band’s signature style of integrating traditional Japanese music and hard rock had the fans head-banging. DAISHI, whose stage costume featured red samurai armour, thrilled the crowd with his superb tapping guitar solo. The band’s aggressive performance of the following Kami no ko, and Ouma set the fans off, jumping around and head-banging together with the band.

Later, DAISHI shared the band’s history with the live house. “We only had three people watching our show when we first performed in here. However, the manager and booking maker of this venue strongly supported us by always giving us encouragement and opportunities. The manager is actually still working in this live house. It moved me a lot when I saw him shedding tears when I visited here to tell him about our hiatus. Our last show in here before the hiatus had a capacity crowd. We really wanted to have a show in here again when we resumed our activities. Today, we perform with special emotions,” said DAISHI.

“Give me your voice!” AKIRA stirred fans as Marogare started to play. The crowd enthusiastically responded to the vocalist by shouting and swinging their band logo towels during the chorus. However, the band showed a different style with the following Subaru, Motofuji flawlessly delivering delicate and warm Japanese drum sounds to the song’s nostalgic melody. With precise band ensemble, AKIRA sang of an unchanging promise and bond.

Afterwards, the show continued with a Japanese drum solo section by Motofuji. He relentlessly delivered clear drum sounds. Fans gazed at Motofuji’s dynamic and beautiful physical movements of during the solo. He intensified the drum beat by quickly moving his sturdy arms. As a solemn atmosphere filled the venue, the show progressed to the next song Daichi no Uta. There, AKIRA wholeheartedly sung of the unity with nature. Motofuji’s drum sounds added a sense of timelessness and authentic spirituality to the band’s performance. Applause for the band’s distinct musical style filled the venue after the song. “We would love to have a show with Japanese drums again next year,” DAISHI said after the song.

Later, the band played their new song Seiken Jyojyouden. The melodious hard rock number, featuring the thunderous drum beats of Dewey and Motofuji, set the fans on fire. Fans followed the raging band sounds by quickly catching on to AKIRA’s dance moves during the chorus. The exciting show continued with NATURAL SELECTION where each support member thrilled fans with his solo performance. Finally, the last song Houou united the band and fans as one. The crowd waved their Japanese folding fans to the exhilarating song.

During the encore, AKIRA and DAISHI took time to instruct fans with the choreography for Seiken Jyojyouden. Once again, the band gave a highly energetic performance, with the crowd dancing along to the choreography. Fans were also amazed with the astonishing stamina and power of Motofuji, who once again delivered rapid drum beats. Before the closing song, AKIRA and DAISHI took time to speak to their fans.

The last time we had a show in this venue was back in January 2007, when we had the last tour before our hiatus. I recalled a lot of memories while I sung on this stage today. I am happy to be able to sing in this venue again, and I am glad that we decided to resume our activities. We would like to spread our music to a lot of people in the year 2019. Please support us.

Currently, I started to share about my family situation that my mother developed senile dementia. During the period the band was on hiatus, I actually worked as a care worker for three years to become able to support my family. I also would like to use my experience and my influence as a musician to help people. If some of you have a similar family problem like mine, please send me a letter so I may be able to help you. One time, my father developed pneumonia. It made me think that it would become difficult for me to continue to perform on a stage if I was to take care of my parents at the same time. I therefore will do my absolute best to create a song and to perform on a stage as many times as possible. The future is unpredictable. But, that is why I gave everything to each show. Thanks to your support, I was able to continue with the band in spite of my difficult family situation.

Finally, the heartfelt sing along of the band and fans filled the venue during the closing song Shinra Bansyou.

Set list

01. Nayuta
02. Kami no ko
03. Ouma
04. karma
05. Guren
06. Marogare
07. Subaru
08. Mirai Sansyou
09. Akaki Ryuno Kishino Monogatari
〜Japanese drum solo section〜
10. Daichi no Uta
11. Aya
12. Seiken Jyojyouden
13. Kibougaoka
15. Houou

16. Seiken Jyojyouden
17. Shinra Bansyou
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