JYOCHO - A Parallel Universe

review - 16.05.2018 01:01

Spring winds and autumn rains.

It’s a bit sad when an unusual band ceases its activities. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Uchu Conbini, but they perfectly mixed post and math rock with touching female vocals to create unbelievably atmospheric music. In 2015 the history of the band came to an end, but a year after the disbandment their virtuoso guitarist Daichiro Nakagawa formed a new band, called JYOCHO. Their style is a little different but deep inside their music remains interesting, warm and melancholic. Though JYOCHO’s first single, A Parallel Universe, lacks the dynamics of the band’s first two mini-albums, it offers piercing sadness instead.

This sadness isn’t depressing though. It doesn't flood you with despair but embraces you slowly, leaving you lost in your thoughts. However, Pure Circle, the second and loudest track of the release, breaks this state for a couple of minutes. You hear the familiar JYOCHO sound with their extraordinary guitars but a lighter mood.

The three remaining songs could turn everything inside you upside down. They combine the mellowness of a spring breeze and the melancholy of an incessant autumn rain, creating an atmosphere of such density that it becomes almost palpable.

While the title song invites you to taste the magical, softer side of JYOCHO, Euclid and A Parallel Definition take full advantage of it. Euclid may remind you of Uchu Conbini: despite its seeming calmness, this song is filled with emotions. The main female vocal line is accompanied by male backing vocals, while light music creates a truly mesmeric effect. The final track, A Parallel Definition, on the other hand, is better described as a romantic date of a girl and an acoustic guitar. It’s a touching, sad and beautiful ending to the record.

There aren’t many crazy guitar solos in JYOCHO’s first single, but it’s completely balanced by its melancholy and atmosphere. A Parallel Universe is a very personal, even intimate release. While listening, you can imagine that the band is beside you and wants to share its worries only with you and nobody else. It’s kind of an unusual but interesting experience.

The digital download version of A Parallel Universe is available from iTunes and Amazon.
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