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acid android, the project of L'Arc~en~Ciel's drummer yukihiro, recently released the album 'purification' in the USA. Read about the album and yukihiro's commentary here!

The US label Tofu Records is proud to announce the digital release of purification, the latest album of acid android. The album is now available on iTunes as well as most digital music distributors.

As the drummer for L'Arc~en~Ciel, one of the biggest rock bands to emerge from Japan, yukihiro has gained notoriety and a huge fan base around the world. His musical talent and creative spirit had also lead him to experiment with a few solo projects, none of which are more notable than as the front man for acid android.

"To call acid android a band is a bit of a misnomer because while there is a band for shows it's actually me who writes all the music. I started acid android to do the kind of music I wanted to do" yukihiro explains. "There’s this band called Ministry that I’ve got a lot of respect for and I really wanted to do the type of music called industrial. So, I started acid android to turn that into something. I'm not as focused on industrial as I used to be. Now I just want to express the sound that I think is cool."

yukihiro not only has a reputation as a skilled drummer, but he is also known as a distinguished producer as a result of his solo work and his remix work for L'Arc~en~Ciel. By September of 2001, fans were longing for his new solo project and with the release of the single, ring the noise, yukihiro unveiled the sound of acid android. With the roaring support of their fans, the band released their first album, which was self-titled, the next year.

In 2003, acid android released a mini album entitled faults from Sony Music Japan.
This five-track album, which earned the band rave reviews, featured a collaboration with Toni Halliday, from the UK's digital gothic band Curve, in which yukihiro reconstructed various styles of music ranging from rock and goth to techno and metal. Following the album release, acid android went on its first tour and rocked its audiences nationwide with an explosive, emotional energy that allowed yukihiro to make his mark as a commanding live performer.

yukihiro who has said his work as the drummer of L'Arc~en~Ciel and front man/creator of acid android play off of each other, went back to the studio for acid android when L'Arc~en~Ciel went on hiatus in late 2005.

The exciting result is purification, the first full-length album from acid android in four years, which was released this May in Japan. Created at yukihiro's home studio in Tokyo and mixed in Berlin, Germany, yukihiro took his music to new heights with a bold yet elaborate sound that is an exquisite mix of tranquility and rage.

This October, Tofu Records is proud to present the digital release of purification in the US that fans outside Japan have eagerly been waiting for. This precedes the limited CD release, currently scheduled for November 7, 2006, distributed via AAA Anime, and available through specialty retailers and the Tofu Records website.

A run through of the songs on purification by yukihiro

1. chaotic equal thing
The song has a complicated rhythm, so I did an arrangement to give chaotic feel to it, just like the title says.

2. let's dance
It’s a danceable song, just like the title says. (He laughs)

3. daze
I was thinking about 80's disco especially when I made the synth intro to this song.

4. hallucination
This song has the most direct approach to heavy rock on the album.

5. pause in end
I made this song because I wanted to make a slow, heavy song.

6. circles
I though that a phrase with bass loops might sound interesting and did arrangement for that.

7. chill
I did a lot of trial and error on this song trying to get it to sound like The Smashing Pumpkins. (he laughs). (Why The Smashing Pumpkins?) I wrote this song with Antz who plays the guitar at our shows. At one point he mentions that he's like to make a song that sounded like them, and I remember that when I arranged the song, and tried different approaches on the rhythm and different guitar riffs.

8. egoistic ideal
I wanted to use fast break beats, so I wanted a song with a tempo that would make them come alive.

9. purification
This is the only song on the album where I made the melody first. I wanted to see how clean I could make the vocals and the guitar chords, etc.

10. a lull in the rain
This is actually a really old song... I wrote it about ten years ago. When I first developed the idea, I first came up with a 50 minute song and when I made this album I rearranged it to be a 10 minute song.
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