Mrs. GREEN APPLE "MGA MEET YOU TOUR" Final at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

live report - 13.06.2017 01:01

Mrs. GREEN APPLE concluded their “MGA MEET YOU TOUR” with a final at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on May 19th.

Before the concert, fans took their places in the huge hall, which has a capacity of over 5000 seats. Three screens surrounded the stage, two on the sides and one behind. The lights were green like the band's theme color. When the lights went out, a heartbeat sound filled the venue. Everybody stood up, already excited. Blue lights illuminated the stage, and the heartbeat sped up. The back screen displayed a galaxy-themed animation, showing the band's logo. Immediately, the five members appeared on stage and greeted the audience.

The concert began with Just a Friend, a dynamic song that made the crowd sing along. Behind the musicians, the screen displayed bright colored animations matching the music. During the second song, HeLLO, the members often switched places. The young audience members were also dynamic, switching between clapping and jumping. Keyboardist Fujisawa Ryoka started to play Anzenpai with a calm tune before the other members joined in. This song included quiet moments with piano and pink lights alongside a powerful chorus.

During the MC, Ryoka encouraged the fans to sing and dance. The audience followed his advice and danced to the punchy song Lion. A funny animation introduced Omocha no heitai, a song that was packed with guitar sounds, as it saw both guitarist Wakai Hiroto and vocalist Omori Motoki play the guitar. Tsukimashitewa started with a drum solo by Yamanaka Ayaka, whereas Zessei seibutsu began with a piano melody that sounded like a minuet. The next song, soFt-dRink, was a quiet track that some may recognize as the theme song for the movie “Poetry Angel”. After the crystal sounds, voice effects, and electronic beeps of the electronic song Oz, the ocean-themed Kujira no uta’s water sounds brought calmness to the venue.

A glittering chandelier appeared while only Ryoka and Motoki were left on the stage, preparing for the next song. Fans sat down to enjoy the mix of piano and vocals during the acoustic Gahoujin. Then, the other members came back to join them for Hug, another acoustic song. Hiroto and bassist Takano Kiyokazu were on acoustic guitars while Ayaka played the cajon.

In order to make a smooth transition back to energetic songs, Mrs. GREEN APPLE proposed a game. The audience was divided into five teams and each team had to scream as loudly as possible. This transition allowed them to make the whole crowd sing during VIP. Next, stroboscopic light effects matched the electronic Ubu. Soon, the music went into a dubstep-like style, with the musicians and fans dancing together to the new song WHOO WHOO WHOO. Upbeat songs followed, making use of the bright colors on the screens. When Mrs. GREEN APPLE's first single, Speaking, began to play, the lyrics were displayed on the main screen and the fans sang along to one of their favorite tunes.

Each of the next tracks brought a different atmosphere to the hall. Samama festival! was a typical summer song that saw large watermelon balloons travel into the crowd, whereas a rising sun was depicted on the screens for In the Morning. During JOURNEY, pictures and short movies were displayed in the background to show the journey accomplished by the young band members and their fans. After performing 21 songs, Mrs. GREEN APPLE greeted the audience and left the stage.

When the five musicians came back, everyone sang to Ryoka to celebrate his 24th birthday. Then, StaRt began with a shower of confetti falling on the crowd. Everybody clapped their hands and sang along to the music. The music shifted to a folkloric style with Dokokade hi wa noboru, and the last song of the set was Shoki no uta, where Ryoka traded the keyboard in for a flute. With this song, the final concert of the MGA MEET YOU TOUR ended on a happy note.

Set list

01. Just a Friend
02. HeLLo
03. Anzenpai
04. Lion
05. Omocha no heitai
06. Tsukimashitawa
07. Zessei seibutsu
08. soFt-dRink
09. Oz
10. Kujira no uta
11. Gahoujin
12. Hug
13. VIP
14. Ubu
16. Smile of dreamer
17. SwitCh
18. Speaking
19. Samama festival!
20. In the Morning


01. StaRt
02. Dokokade hi wa noboru
03. Shoki no uta
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