Holiday Special: Interview and Fan Q&A with exist†trace

interview - 17.12.2014 00:01

This Christmas, exist†trace wants you to send them letters with lots of love.

With 11 years of music activities under their belt, the five members of all-female visual kei band exist†trace are no strangers to music lovers outside Japan. 2008 saw their first foray abroad and they have performed multiple times in Europe and the US since then. With releases made available overseas and an international fanclub that was launched this year, it's no surprise that the ladies are getting increasingly popular on an international level.

As the festive cheer of Christmas and New Year fills the air in many parts of the world, exist†trace dedicates a few moments of their time to our interview and fan Q&A.

Last year, you officially adopted a twin vocal style in your music. What’s the reason behind this change in musical direction, and how would you respond to fans who might have reservations about this change?

Jyo: We didn't change our musical direction. What we did was widen our range of expressions in order to let people have a deeper look into the world of exist†trace. Songs we've never created before could be created because we adopted a twin vocal style. The process of thinking how I want to express our songs with the new style has helped me to grow. So if there're people who have any reservations, I think the only way for me is to sing continuously and shine more than now.

Earlier this year, you launched your international fanclub, “Archangel Diamond”. What have your interactions with international fans taught you about the overseas fandom?

Naoto: I'm really happy to know they're loving exist†trace more than we thought. “Archangel Diamond” will continue to make various announcements, so I want you to keep checking up on it. I think we could have more interactions through “Archangel Diamond” because I want to know more about people from overseas.

On September 24th, you released the album WORLD MAKER. What is this world you wish to create?

miko: I want to make you feel as if we’re performing right before your eyes. As the lyrics say, anybody can be a hero or heroine; my wish is for us to march on towards tomorrow, bursting with pride.

One of your goals is to hold a one-man live at the Nippon Budokan. After the intense Gekijyou Spiral tour, what’s the extra factor the band and fans need to find in 2015 to advance exist†trace closer to this goal?

Mally: I want you fans to follow and believe in us, whatever happens! We want to believe in ourselves and you too, and to go on on meeting challenges with the burning passion that we have developed together! Thank you for your ongoing support!

What themes and musical styles you would like to explore in 2015?

Omi: This is my personal wish, but I want try creating a music video of a magnificent story like Little Mary to utsukushiki nikushimi no Danube.

What songs do you like to listen to during Christmas?

Jyo: KISS IN THE DARK by exist†trace.

Naoto: This Is Halloween from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

In your opinion, what’s the best Christmas gift in the world?

Jyo: It's the "time" spent smiling with everyone.

Naoto: The best show.

What do you wish for this Christmas and New Year?

Mally: Health and beauty.

Please leave a message for your fans.

Jyo: Thank you for your support every time. Although there's a great distance between us, the music of exist†trace is always nearby, whether you‘re having fun or you’re feeling sad. Please listen to our songs many times. And someday we’ll sing them together again!

miko: Although we can't go overseas often, I always think of you! I injected the passion of our live performances into WORLD MAKER, so I hope you can get a feel of exist†trace wherever you are!

Omi: Even though there's a great distance between us, I always feel the presence of you overseas fans. Thank you for all your fantastic illustrations and messages of support. Please listen to WORLD MAKER as it's full of our current feelings.

Naoto: Thanks a lot for all of your support, even from so far away. They make me feel very reassured. Thank you for your ongoing support. I want to hear your voices and see your smiles soon.

Mally: I miss you so much; I can't help but overflow with longing for you! I'll work towards being able to spend a day breathing in the same air and experiencing the passion of a live show together, so give exist†trace your continuous love! With love from me too!

Fan Q&A

What present would delight you the most for Christmas?
-Chi no iro bara desu, Lithuania

Jyo: Any presents from your heart delight me, but I like letters in particular because I can read your expressions!

miko: Letters with a lot of love.

Omi: Smiles from precious people.

Naoto: The best alcohol and stage.

Mally: Your comments on my Twitter! Although I can't reply, I’ll certainly be keeping them in mind!

If you could return to the past, would there be anyone you would like to meet or see again?
-Koi Ashland, United States of America

Jyo: Myself when I first started the band.

miko: "You" in the song unforgive you.

Omi: Myself when I was still too young.

Naoto: Myself when I was 14 years old.

Mally: I want to see the fans who I met on the Europe and US tours again!

Would you be offended if someone calls you "kawaii"?
-Fiend, Poland

Jyo: Not at all! Because "cute" and "cool" are the right words for me, aren't they?

miko: It's my pleasure! Thanks!

Omi: I prefer "cool" instead of "cute".

Naoto: Although people don’t often call me that, I don't care how someone thinks about me, because every person feels in their own way.

Mally: No I wouldn't, but I'd be confused! (laughs)

How did you become the best female band in Japan?
-Wallace Izanagi, Brazil

Jyo: No, we haven’t yet! I want to sing and stand on stage more and more, to be able to say "we are the best in Japan" with conviction!

miko: Believing in myself and working hard is still the only way for me!

Omi: I'll try my best to become even bigger.

Naoto: It's my pleasure if you think of us as the best female band in Japan, but as there're still a lot of things that I can do, I'll continue to move forward. I like to make progress.

Mally: I couldn’t have come to this point without the support you’ve given me! I want to climb even higher in the future!

JaME would like to thank exist†trace for the interview.
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