vistlip Good vibes circuit II Final at ZEPP Tokyo

live report - 13.10.2014 01:01

vistlip finishes their tour in a sold out ZEPP Tokyo, giving a great show with a big portion of entertainment in it.

vistlip toured around Japan with their Good vibes circuit II, ending with a sold-out final at ZEPP Tokyo. July 7th is a special day, not only is it Tanabata, but also vistlip’s 7th anniversary. The hall darkens as the screen flashes on and shows ‘player select’, starring the members of the band. One by one they get selected, a short clip follows and one by one the band gathers on stage, being greeted with cheers from the crowd as they wait for the video to end with ‘FIGHT’.

The band starts with the first song Prey shadow, which is received with headbanging and fists in the air. Both guitarists are moving a lot during the set, jumping on the platforms either side of the stage, encouraging the audience and showing off their skills. The band continues with doukou, the crowd jumping from side to side to the rhythm of the music. Soon, they begin swinging their towels in the air. The band makes an energetic start, raising the crowds’ spirits. An MC follows, where vistlip talk about their anniversary and about their newest single Jack, due to be released August 20th.

Violinist Junpei is introduced and accompanies the band ontheir next song Androids Dream. Yuh changes to an acoustic guitar, fitting well with the calm song and Tomo’s deep voice. The violinist also joins in the following song, this time a whole different kind of song. The melody of the electric guitar interchanges with the soothing tones of the violin, continuing with a repetition of the guitar before the rest of the members join in. Together with the drums, Rui’s fast bassline complete a strong rhythm. The song gets heavy and Tomo knows how to contrast it with his voice, producing high and soft sounds.

Their next songs are heavy, having both members and audience headbang with the music. vistlip mixes genres and give their songs a catchy twist. The crowd cheers when Tomo encourages them, jumping up and down. From time to time, both guitarists take their places on the platforms and strike poses while playing their hearts out. The same goes for Rui, playing his throbbing basslines with a smile on his face. Tohya hits the drums with a fervent energy, showing his enthusiasm throughout the show. He demonstrates his skills in a drum solo where he builds up his upbeat rhythms against electronic background music.

Suddenly Tohya steps away from the drums, and soon appears on stage wearing a wig, colorful shirt, sunglasses and flower garland. Then, he starts rapping. Two similarly dressed people hop on stage and dance along to the music. Tomo, this time as special guest, is invited to join the trio on stage and the audience laughs. Soon they start a call-response with the crowd, shouting names of animals. The tempo increases but the fans keep up. Afterward, Tohya explains where he got his props and calls his bandmates back onstage one by one before taking his place back behind the drums, disposing of his wig and clothes. This quirky break was great entertainment.

Next, the light and joyful tunes of Jack, vistlip’s newest single, fills the venue. Eagerly, the audience waves their hands in the air, swaying to the catchy melodies of the newest addition to the band’s repertoire.

From time to time, the members are shown on the screen behind the stage, so even fans at the back of the venue can see them close up. Short clips and lyrics are also shown. As another heavy song begins, the audience get the chance to sing along as Tomo holds the microphone out over the audience. For the most part, the band keep the atmosphere light and happy, but there are also moments of darkness. Lion Heart, another mix of upbeat melodies and aggressive heaviness, is an excellent choice with which to end the main set. The audience shout ‘hey’ along with the pounding of the drums whilst Rui jumps around, playing his bass with boundless energy.

After a short break, the members return for the encore. OZONE is one of the highlights. Two disco balls flash on, the audience clapping along with this pop-rock anthem. Umi shows what he’s got in the song, playing his parts with skill and passion. The verse is quiet but once the refrain starts, the volume grows and out of nowhere, strings of confetti come streaming down from the venue’s rafters, getting a surprised shout from the audience. They grab the strings and wave them around.

All good things must come to an end, and with the song July VIIth, the audience knows it’s the last song. Piano tunes fill the hall and during the refrain, the audience wave glowsticks in the air. The screen shows stars, fitting well with the music, Tomo’s sonorous voice and, of course, the story of Tanabata.

The piano continues as the song ends and the audience is thanked. The five members line up, asking the audience to do the same and together they jump. After that picks, drumsticks and bottles of water are thrown together with Tohya’s shirt and accessories. Then vistlip leave the stage. It’s not completely over though, as the video clip of Jack is shown on the big screen, and after that a new album is announced along with a new tour, driving the audience into a frenzy one last time. At last, a very old picture of the band is shown on the screen, along with this message: ‘All my friends, we love you.’

Set List:

01. Prey Shadow
02. doukou
05. android's dream
06. aquamarine
07. the surface [Re:birth]
08. aim
09. Jack
10. Locoism
11. Pave au chocolat
12. Dead Cherry
13. EDY
14. gizen MASTER
15. Shinkaigyo no Yume wa Shosen、
16. HEART ch.

18. Sara
19. -OZONE-
20. Hameln
21. Recipe
22. July VIIth [Re:birth]
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