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The main creative outlet of workaholic guitarist IRON-CHINO, IRON ATTACK! is a doujin band that specializes in heavy metal arrangements of Touhou Project songs, although they also tackle other source material from time to time.

Beginning in 2007, IRON ATTACK! released several instrumental albums, which were made available for purchase at popular doujinshi (self-published work, often based on games or comics) fairs, such as Comiket. Intensely prolific, IRON-CHINO has continued to release an average of four to five IRON ATTACK! albums a year, often performing many of the instruments himself.

The year 2009 was one of the most intense in terms of releases, seeing IRON ATTACK! put out an astounding six albums. All of these albums were instrumental except for SPARKING, which featured vocals on one track each by LIGHTNING singer JUN and The Stahl. While IRON ATTACK!’s work was still largely instrumental for the next few years, it slowly began to feature guest vocalists more and more frequently, most notably female singer Minus iyon, who has been one of the most dedicated contributors to the project, also occasionally helping with the lyrics.

In 2010, IRON-CHINO’s two main projects faced off at a concert called Shitou! Goryoukaku!! ~LIGHTNING vs IRON ATTACK!!~, which was later documented with a live DVD. The link between the two bands become even stronger two years later, as new LIGHTNING frontman Yuma (Flash Back Vision, ex-el-Ethnic Legist-) began to share vocal duties with Minus iyon, singing on the majority of the band’s 2012 releases STAR DUST and BURN IN HELL, while Minus iyon handled songs on the album PAPER MOON. IRON ATTACK! also released two best-of compilations that year, for a staggering total of five album releases.

The year 2013 was an explosive one for IRON ATTACK!. The band made its major debut on TORANOANA RECORDS, a branch of Nippon Columbia, with the single Link. It was released simultaneously with the new LIGHTNING album Raise the Sun, and featured vocals from both Minus iyon and Yuma. Adding even more diversity to the mix of Minus iyon’s cute, cheerful singing style and Yuma’s hoarse, more rock’n’roll-oriented voice, earlier in the year former GALNERYUS frontman YAMA-B also contributed guest vocals to the title track of HEAVEN’S SWORD, an otherwise instrumental album. IRON-CHINO would return the favour by taking part in his YAMA-B and Friends international collaboration project.

That summer, with a full band in tow, including bassist Sakathan (EIZO Japan), drummer JUHKI, both Minus iyon and Yuma, and either Ryu from 5150 or KIRA from Flash Back Vision performing as their second guitarist, IRON ATTACK!’s first world tour was announced, with dates in Taiwan, Germany and Hong Kong. After returning to Japan, they found time to put out two more albums: PLASTIC MIND, which was released at Comiket 84 and features vocals on nearly every track by Yuma, and FAIRY TALE, which is mostly instrumental, with vocals on a few tracks by Minus iyon.

While one album a year would be a challenge for most bands, IRON ATTACK! managed to sneak in two more releases before 2013 was through: THUNDERCRACK and Moyuru unabara ~Sail up~ were both released on December 30th.

With a massive back catalogue of songs ranging anywhere from catchy hard rock to howling heavy metal, as well as a clear desire to spread their music overseas, IRON ATTACK! is definitely a band to keep your eye on in the future.
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