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AYABIE rose from the ashes of ayabie in 2010 and is is now a major band with oshare kei, pop and rock influences.

AYABIE started its activities in August 2010 when Aoi, vocalist of the previous band, announced that he would begin a solo career. The other members tried to start new project called DLN, but finally they decided to keep their old name – but written in upper-case letters. For the role of the vocalist, they chose guitarist Yumehito. He had first joined the band as an ayabie support member and later on became the band’s official guitarist.

The band’s first release, the full album Virgin Snow Color -2nd season-, was released on December 1st, 2010. Soon after, the single Melody followed. The final live of their tour, which was held to promote the mentioned album, took place in January 2011 at Akasaka BLITZ, and two months later the footage was released on DVD.

AYABIE soon debuted on a major record label. In July 2011 they signed a contract with TOY’S FACTORY INC. The same month saw them tour Japan with a tour titled SUMMER DRIVE. In 2012 the band’s first major releases appeared: the full album ANSWER and three singles--Ryuusei, Merry go round and Kakusei Sprechchor.

After the tour that promoted ANSWER ended, the new band decided to pause their activities to become "stronger than ever”. Finally in February 2013, the band announced a new addition to the band – keyboardist Taito, whose first performance with the band was on March 19th at Shibuya O-EAST. Unfortunately, the line-up didn't remain intact for long, as drummer Kenzo announced in June to be leaving the band. He performed with them for the last time in July, although he did continue to perform with a band as a support drummer for the remainder of their tour. In October, he paired up with NIGHTMARE's Hitsugi to create the duo GREMLINS.

After deciding to continue their activities at the beginning of 2013, AYABIE concentrated on creating new singles. In August they released their Splash single, which hit the Oricon Indie single list's 8th position for just one week. In September they released another single. At the beginning of December they got into another downhill when vocalist Yumehito and bassist Intetsu decided to leave the band.

Before their last concert in New Year's Eve at Ikebukuro EDGE, they released their last single together, Moso Nikki, which was a cover single of the band SID. The remaining two band members insisted that they will continue as AYABIE even with their member losses.
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