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Moran formed in December 2007 with vocalist Hitomi and drummer Soan from the popular visual kei band Fatima, as well as bassist Zill of KuRt and guitarist Velo from Haikara. The band's official homepage opened on March 30, 2008.

Within their first six months of formation, Moran held several events entitled Morancolic at Takadanobaba AREA. Volume 1 was held in March 2008 and spanned two days with Volume 2 taking place in April and Volume 3 in June. Their first tour included seven dates and went from the end of April through June, with three of them played at Shibuya O-EAST.

On June 25, 2008, Moran released their first maxi single entitled Element, which was limited to 2000 copies. It ranked #5 in popularity on Oricon in July. Through the summer, the band continued to tour with twelve stops across Japan. Their second maxi single, Mokka no Mekarumi released on July 23rd and, like its predecessor, was limited to 2000 copies and ranked #5 on Oricon for August.

In August, Moran opened their official MySpace, and the band held their first one-man live entitled MoranHolic on September 7, 2008 at Takadanobaba AREA. They played there again in October 2008, when they held Morancolic Volume 4 & 5. During the fall, Moran appeared on the omnibus Shockedge 2008 with the popular song Hamlin and released their third maxi single, Kimi no Gosenfu, on November 12th.

Moran took no time for a breather and announced a national tour from November 11 to December 25. Through December they also played at several large events, including two New Year's Countdowns, Year End of Holiday 2008-2009 at Shinjuku Holiday and stylish wave COUNTDOWN'08-'09 hosted by ESP Entertainment at Yokohama Akarenga Hall.

On January 7, 2009, they participated in Beautiful:madnesS vol.2 -Beautiful worLd- at Shibuya O-EAST. In the spring, Moran released their fourth maxi single Helpless on March 18 and celebrated their 1st anniversary with a one-man show, Children of the Museum, at Shibuya O-WEST two days later. They spent the next few weeks on their Lost Children tour before taking a well deserved break. When their first mini-album, Heroine, debuted on July 22, Moran hit the road again in August for their first one-man tour, Escort to the Deepest. The band did not take a break at the end of the tour, immediately moving into their winter tour, FREEZE, which wrapped up the year for Moran.

The year 2010 started as a busy year for the band despite not releasing any new music, and they participated in several events with aie (ex-deadman) and 9 goats black out. On July 23rd, Moran announced that Zill had passed away. The band's activities were halted for the remainder of the summer resuming in late September for ALL TOMORROW'S PARTY 2010, aie's birthday event.

While it's been a quiet and sad year for the band and fans, 2011 will hopefully bring better things. We can expect to see many more great things from Moran in the future.
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