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AciD FLavoR

It was during December 1999 that the first ideas for a band came into mind for the four members of AciD FLavoR. At that time, the line-up consisted of Ryo and Tei, plus a guitarist and drummer. In the first few years, band members came and went, and it took them until February 2003 before they finally had a stable line-up. After their former vocalist left, SHIGERU — who was originally the second guitarist of the band — took over the position of vocalist and their friend Taiju joined on drums. Nearly all of them were from Saitama, a city near to Tokyo, and had gotten to know each other at high school.

In 2003, the band made its major debut with EMI. It took some time before their first releases came out; the maxi-single Higher and Higher and the album SpeeD-BALL, were both released in 2006. SpeeD-BALL was mostly a collection from the songs they played during concerts in the early years of the band. Their following album, Next Story that came out in February 2008, took on a different concept as they distanced themselves further from pop music and focused on creating an outstanding melody. The band also took the opportunity to experiment with different techniques with new sounds and recording methods.

AciD FLavoR had the opportunity to do a number of tie-ins which helped them gain more recognition. The songs from their three maxi-singles Higher & Higher, ENISHI/Beside You and FEELING have been used as the opening and ending themes to games and anime.

In March 2008, the band took its first steps abroad as they performed at an anime convention in Brussels, Belgium. Seeing as this first performance was a success, they returned to Europe in July to perform at the legendary Japanese culture event Japan Expo in Paris, France. Another trip to Europe was undertaken in autumn, this time involving a number of concerts in both France and Belgium.

Around the same time, Ryo launched his solo project under his full name Ryo Fujimura. Also, he performed overseas with a series of concerts in Belgium and France in early 2009.

In June 2009, AciD FLavoR came out with a new release, the AciD FLavoR BEST best-of album. Unfortunately, this became their last release as it was announced a year later in February 2010 that AciD FLavoR had chosen to disband. The band did not wish to give a reason for their decision. Guitarist Ryo Fujimura has since continued his solo project with occasional performances in Europe.

However, in December 2012 guitarist Ryo announced on his Facebook page that the band would come back for one live only. In February 2nd, 2013 AciD FLAvoR performed a revival live at O-tsuka Hearts+, in Tokyo. Despite that the band activities are still officially ceased.
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