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Before DAIGO☆STARDUST started his solo-career, he was in the indies band Jzeil. After this he released several singles as a solo-artist, but he only managed to become known when he signed in 2003 with the major label Victor Entertainment.

Daigo's first single, Maria, was released in June 2003. This is the only song in his career that wasn't written by Daigo himself, but instead by the former vocalist of boowy, Kyosuke Himuro. In October he released his second single. His first album, The space toy followed a month later. He also participated in the Beautifool's Fest, an event organized by the magazine Fool's mate. During the event, he also played the song Maria together with miyavi.

A number of singles, a DVD and another album were released in the following two years, but in 2006 he focused mostly on performing only, and the year saw no new releases. One of the live performances was recorded and released on DVD in April 2007. About a month later, he announced that he would be performing as DAIGO☆STARDUST for the last time on June 4th. The announcement was a surprise to his fans, though Daigo had mentioned before that he wanted to change his glam-rock-esque image to something more mature.

His future plans were revealed during this live, as Daigo announced that he was going to start the band BREAKERZ.

Though it is a shame that we won't see DAIGO☆STARDUST with the flamboyant appearance he was known for anymore, it's great that wants to develop himself further, moving in a new direction, and we wish him lots of luck in the future!
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