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phylia started in March of 1998 and began to perform around Yokohama. By June of the following year, Bii, found his place in the band. During their first years they had no releases, simply focusing on live activity and making a name for themselves within the scene.

In September 2001 they released their first maxi-single Prototype, which had a second press released in April 2002. By March of that year, the band had participated on the Decadence 2002 omnibus album. For their second single, which was released in September, they started a fifteen date tour that found its end in a two-man concert with Forestier. They had also distributed several demo tapes for free, which were available only at concerts. Somewhere in early 2003 the band went on a break, but in June of that year they started to prepare for their comeback.

On October 23, the band restarted their activities with a concert at Yokohama Sound Arena. A few days later they released their first official demo tape regret, which was soon sold out. In February of 2004 they were featured on yet another omnibus, Mercury, and they released an untitled demo tape. By winter, the band organized their own event called otoko tamashii ~Men Soul~, to which fellow visual-kei bands duraluMin and eight among others, were invited.

The beginning of 2005 surprised fans with several changes to the band they knew. Bii became Atsushi, phylia became フィリア in katakana and the band decided to leave the visual kei scene. Despite that change they were featured in volume six of the famous visual-kei omnibus series HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE.

In March phylia released a mini-album, and then spent the rest of 2005 to 2007 mostly touring, but they also released three singles. In July of 2008 they released their best of album phylia, which celebrated their 10 years of activities. It was nominated for the local YOKOHAMA MUSIC AWARD in November.

In April 2009 they participated in the 32nd volume of the kantou Guitar EROS event. They played at Shinyokohama BELL'S, while the three other participating bands played in Motoyawata, Shibuya and Nishikawaguchi a few days later. In October, they participated in a various artists album before hitting the recording studios.

By March of 2010, they saw the debut of three new singles including REM. Soon after, the band toured, promoting the new material and announced that two of the three were later successfully sold out.

Touring through much of the fall, phylia are charging straight into the new year with a series of lives starting January 15th that is currently set to run through March. With a steady schedule ahead, fans of phylia can be sure it will be another successful and busy year for this talented group.
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