Advertising Opportunities

JaME offers a wide variety of advertisements.

According to your needs, we can propose different options: from a banner to a multi-language special event page, there is a wide choice adapted to every budget. This way, you will have the possibility to target your campaign in a specific language or country.

Would you like to receive more information about advertising on JaME, such as our rates and special offers? Then please contact us.

Income from advertisements is only used for the maintenance and improvement of our website itself. None of our team members, including our managers, receive any salary for their work on JaME.

These companies and artists have already used our services:

- Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (USA)
- YOSHIKI (Japan)
- Ant1nett (Japan)
- X JAPAN (Japan)
- Paradox (France)
- Japan Expo (France)
- No Sphere (France)
- Astan (Germany)
- Neo Tokyo (Germany)
- Free Will Europe (France)
- Mabell (France)
- Paris Visual Prod. (France)
- JrockSuomi (Finland)
- Raisondetre (Sweden)
- Lunacy (Sweden)
- Merveilles (Sweden)
- Ayacon (United Kingdom)
- Mangatec (France)
- Paperdoll (Italy)
- NekoSoft (Mexico)
- Gan-shin (Germany and France)
- JVstore (France)
- New Nippon Productions (Sweden)
- J-Music Distribution (France)
- J-Music Store (France)
- Rock Identity (Germany)
- Shine (France)
- Lilian's Lane (Austria)
- Purple Sky (USA)
- King Records (Japan)
- Jonu Media (Spain)
- BLOOD (Japan)
- Nanimato (France)
- Hagakure (Japan)
- Anti Feminism (Japan)
- Soundlicious (France)
- Rock One (France)
- CD Japan (Japan)

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