Yazawa Eikichi

矢沢 永吉

also known as:   Eikichi Yazawa  
major - (1970 - )
Yazawa Eikichi is unquestionably the biggest rock soloist in Japan. Active since the 1970s, Yazawa has continually refined his style into his own trademark brand of rock music that speaks to the hearts of a nation. His music, attitude, and style are wholly original and are palpable representations of his place in Japanese culture. His biggest hits, such as Jikan yo Tomare and YES MY LOVE, have become Japanese mainstays. Yazawa is perhaps best known in the West for his song, THE TROUBLE MAN, used as the ending theme to the anime "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge".

He has the special ability to touch the hearts of his listeners without any of the clichés set forth by previous artists. Yazawa has released dozens of albums, almost innumerable singles, and a plethora of live recordings that all serve to drive home exactly how much impact he's made. Still going strong into his 60s, he continues to hold special events and nationwide tours. Even now, nearing the 40th anniversary of his career, Yazawa Eikichi remains a difficult man to define and an impossible man to imitate.
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