major - inaktiv (2006 - 2007)
GAM was one of the numerous Hello!Project groups. At their debut, it was stated that GAM, unlike many other H!P projects, would be a solid unit instead of a one-time side-project, but the unit was only active for about a year.

GAM stands for 'Great Aya and Miki': solo-star Aya Matsuura together with Morning Musume's Fujimoto Miki. Their name also has an alternative meaning: the group’s creator Tsunku found out that 'gam' is English slang for 'pretty legs' and because of that there is a lot of focus on the girls' legs in their promotional material such as photo shoots.

The two girls happen to be good friends and their voices seem to match with each other very well. Although one can't really say that their pop songs are much different from other Hello!Project groups, they are certainly very catchy.
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