indies - Disuelta (2004 - 2009)
Despite having experienced some member changes already, young visual kei band CELLT has maintained a consistent, darkly beautiful sound, due in large part to vocalist Kiyoto who has been with the band since its formation.

Their sound is varied, but mostly combative and heavy, though some classify them as "oshare kei" due to their visual style, which incorporates splashes of bright colors as well as playful accessories such as ribbons, bows, lace, hats, eye patches, hair ornaments, sequins and jewelry. Those looking for the brighter, optimistic sounds associated with oshare kei may be a little surprised at this band's angsty vocals and often metal-influenced compositions.
  • Guitarra: Kouya [2003 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Akana [0000 / 2005 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Mito [2004 / 2007 - Abandonó]
  • Batería: Iori [0000 / 0000 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
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