Carbonic Acid

indies - Activo (2010 - )
Carbonic Acid is the solo project of metal guitarist Jinya. The project was started in 2009 while Jinya, then known as Tansan, was still in high school. It debuted in May 2010 with the “Touhou Project” arrange album Melody of Calamity. In 2011, Jinya joined Unlucky Morpheus and the project was sidelined for several years.

Jinya revived Carbonic Acid in 2015, releasing his first original album COUNTDOWN, which marked the project’s focus transition from melodic rock to heavy metal. Later the same year, Jinya ventured into “kawaii metal”, beginning an ongoing collaboration with indie idol Eren-chan.

Elsewhere, Jinya has played guitar in UNDEAD CORPORATION since 2015.
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