également connu sous le nom de:   Shokudaikakkokai  
indies - actif (2007 - )
Described by their label as “the most major of minor bands”, Syokudaikakkokai are probably best known to overseas fans as “that visual kei band with the dog” - they list a dog named Tricky as one of their members. The weirdness doesn’t stop there, though. Vocalist Kagerou claims to be a normal HITACHI salaryman who commutes to Tokyo on the weekends for band activities, and the band’s fans are nicknamed “Nekusuko”, derived from HITACHI’s slogan “Inspire the Next”.

Whether they really are just a bunch of salarymen blowing off steam or not, Syokudaikakkokai definitely make the most of every show, sometimes performing comedy skits in between their loud, chaotic songs.
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