major - actif (2005 - )
jealkb is a young visual kei band, which stands out for its large number of members. They are all comedians, of which singer Haderu is the most famous, being part of the comedic duo, London Boots Ichi-gō Ni-gō. Their style can be described as upbeat light rock, with a melodic touch coming from the keyboards and violin played by Chaos and Hideki respectively.

Their bandname comes from the term visual kei. In Japanese this word is pronounced as 'bi-ju-al kei', which got shortened to 'ju-al-kei' with the remaining 'bi' put at the end.
  • Clavier: chaos [2005 / 2010 - parti]
  • Guitare: mofto [2005 / 2010 - parti]
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