Moriyama Naotaro


également connu sous le nom de:   Naotaro Moriyama  
major - actif (2002 - )
Singer-songwriter Moriyama Naotaro is known for his strong and expressive way of singing as well as his interesting compositions, which can be classified as pop but sometimes also edge towards a folk sound. His best known song is undoubtedly Sakura. Proof of this is the immense success it had on the Oricon charts; it ranked first and remained in the top 100 for over two years.

Moriyama Naotaro is a well-known artist in Japan, but unfortunately far less known amongst overseas listeners of Japanese music. He is the son of popular folk singer Moriyama Ryoko, but it can be said that he definitely has enough talent not to need his mother’s fame to build a name for himself.
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