indies - Disuelta (2008 - 2011)
DELUHI, formerly known as GRAVE SEED, was a promising visual kei band that formed in 2008. Much of their music’s appeal lay in the song writing talents of guitarist Leda, otherwise famous as bassist Yu-to in GALNERYUS, as well as the musical talents of the three other highly skilled musicians.

The band's music, dark and melodic, distanced itself from that of other bands in the visual kei scene thanks to fairly elaborate compositions that enhanced vocalist Juri’s rich voice.
autor: Sxl, Scottie - traducción: Murezor (2012-01-27)
DELUHI made their first appearance on stage at Ikebukuro Cyber in Tokyo on February 29, 2008. Previously known as GRAVE SEED, the band changed their name to the more succinct DELUHI only four days earlier. The members consisted of singer Takuya (formerly tsubo, guitarist of Gaara), guitarist Leda, (also known as Yu-to, the bassist of GALNERYUS), bassist Ryo and drummer Ryosuke. During the band name change, Takuya and Ryosuke also took the opportunity to rename themselves as Juri and Sujk, respectively.

After taking part in two other events at Ikebukuro Cyber, the band promptly released its first mini-album, Surveillance, on March 26. The members then followed the traditional path of independent bands in Tokyo by playing at places such as Takadanobaba AREA and Meguro Rockmaykan.

Their first single, Orion once again, was released at the end of July and was followed by an appearance at the visual kei event SCUBER DIVE ~Shibuya ga Taihen~ in August.

As autumn came around, the band released a series of three singles, each with a title inspired by a Hindu deity: VISVASRIT, MAHADEVA and JAGANNATH. Meanwhile, there was another name change in the group. In September, Ryo changed his name and became Aggy, although on his blog he humorously declared that he had actually been replaced by his twin while he (Ryo) had gone to work in his family's greengrocers.

The year 2009 started with a bang as the band gave its first one-man concert, A PROCLAMATION OF DELUHISM, at Shibuya O-CREST on January 8. At the concert, they gave away CDs containing a remix of the song NO SALVATION to fans. April and May saw them venture outside of Tokyo for the first time, to Nagoya and Osaka specifically, before returning for their second one-man. This one-man, entitled RECLAMATION OF DELUHISM, was held at Shibuya BOXX on May 29, after the release of a DVD containing three live songs and a CD with a re-recording of one of their previous songs.

2010 was a busy year for the band as well, as they released four singles and a full-length live DVD entitled LIVE: BLITZKRIEG. Unfortunately, all of this action proved to be a little too much and the band announced they would be going on hiatus as of December 1st that year. This was, according to the members, to focus on improving their individual skill sets. While the band promised an eventual return, it was not to be. Four months later, in April 2011, official news of disbandment came from the band’s management. Aggy had decided to leave the band and the rest of the members agreed that it would be best to end DELUHI instead of carrying on without him.

Their final tour, DELUHI LAST TOUR – VANDALISM, took place throughout July 2011 and concluded at Shibuya O-East on July 27th.
autor: Sxl, Scottie - traducción: Murezor (2012-01-27)
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