indies - Disuelta (1998 - 2002)
Phobia is one of the most famous bands of the so-called Nagoya-kei style, which is known for melodious, melancholic songs that differ greatly from what was usually played by bands from Tokyo or other VK scene capitals. With almost half a decade of activity, the band succeeded in gathering a big fanbase in and outside of Japan.

Since the band's repertoire also contained very punkish, even close to metal songs, they somehow differed from the typical Nagoya bands. The most recognizable part of the music may have been the voice of singer KISUI, which was not to everybody's taste. Like most of the bands from Nagoya, Phobia usually had a very reduced visual style in comparison to other bands that were active around that time, for example Vasalla or Dir en grey. Furthermore, the band seems to have had a contract with clothing designer h.NAOTO for whom KISUI was working as a model.
  • Guitarra: Iori [1998 / 2000 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: MAHIRO [1997 / 1998 - Abandonó]
  • Batería: Rui [1997 / 1998 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
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