indies - Disuelta (2006 - 2012)
Aicle. es una banda oshare kei cuyo tema está basado en la mezcla de lo grotesco y el pop chicloso. Esto se expresa tanto en su música como en sus letras que cambian entre rock oscuro y poderoso y pop brillante y alegre. Sus trajes también son particularmente originales, se caracterizan por ser estilos vibrantes y coloridos y temas tomados de diversas experiencias. Aicle. ciertamente trae un montón de pensamiento nuevo y original a la industria.
autor: Lara Garnermann - traducción: Wicky (2017-01-11)
Aicle. formed in 2006 with three members from the band monomono, but did not fully start activities until December that year. On the 22nd of February 2007 at the Urawa Narciss, they started a series of lives where from March onwards, they distributed the single Kinenbi.

On the 21st of November, Aicle. released Kyuukei mugen rensa ~mizutama~, which sold out and ranked in the Oricon Top 10 Indies Singles chart. This was then followed by the maxi-single Dokushoku Marble. in December.

In March 2008, Aicle. released their third single, Kaitai shinsho, which also ranked in the Oricon Top 10 Singles Chart. After another series of lives arranged by ZEAL Link, Aicle. consecutively released three singles from July to September. In November 2008, their song Choco Sand Biscuit Cream for distribution during the SHIBUYA BOXX event in December 2008.

On March 25th, the following year, they released their first full-length album entitled Shinzou in two types, which proceeded to reach No. 5 in the Oricon Indies Album Chart. Soon after Aicle. announced the release of their next single Chikyuugi. for August that year, they revealed that their guitarist Keita was going to leave the band due to personal reasons. Their last concert together was held on May 5th at Shinjuku MARZ.

Aicle. made their first overseas appearance in October 2009 at the Tsukicon event in Helsinki, Finland. The band's following single, Psycho×Letter, reached No. 6 in the Oricon charts in December that year. This March, Aicle. released yet another single, Que sera:sera.
autor: Lara Garnermann (2010-09-23)
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