Hirasawa Susumu

平沢 進

auch bekannt als:   Susumu Hirasawa  
indies - aktiv (1973 - )
Susumu Hirasawa creates electronic music with a poetic and imaginative sound. He also makes anime soundtracks, which can be heard in Paprika, BERSERK and Paranoia Agent.

His songs are influenced by world events and activism. He protested against the US' violent reactions to 9/11 by appealing to the innocent civilians. He's also a vegetarian and grows his own food. His album SOLAR RAY was recorded using solar energy, which he has used to power his studio ever since.

Another inspiration comes from Thai kathoey-culture (transgender men or ladyboys). SIM CITY and SIREN were influenced by them. After losing many of his friends in a short period of time, Susumu collected songs for them in his tribute album SWITCHED-ON LOTUS.
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