Kurosaki Maon

黒崎 真音

also known as:   Maon Kurosaki  
major - active (2010 - )
Kurosaki Maon is an "anison" singer in the purest sense of the word. Not only have her first eleven singles all been anime tie-ins, but her 2010 debut album H.O.T.D. was a collection of twelve ending themes for anime series "Highschool of the Dead".

Discovered in 2008 at pop-idol proving ground Akihabara Dear Stage, Kurosaki has found steady success in both her solo career and as one third of dance-pop trio ALTIMA. Many of her releases are by major "music creator teams" I've Sound and Elements Garden.

Besides singing, Kurosaki is also a budding lyricist, having penned words for many of her own songs.
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