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review - 05.22.2013 01:05

What does Satsuki's debut album sound like? Read more in our review.

With LUMINOUS, ex-RENTRER EN SOI vocalist Satsuki presents his solo debut album. Released on January 9th, the album is worth a listen.

The first song of the new album is the fittingly called Twilight. The drums fit very well with the guitars and other instruments in the background, and Satsuki's voice integrates itself perfectly. As the song plays out, one can get the feeling as if walking around a forest and seeing the sunset say goodnight for the day. Also, the soft guitar parts accentuate the lightness of the song. The next song, Determination, begins with some harsher guitar and drum sounds, which continue throughout the whole song. However, the singer’s voice seems to jump in as if fighting against the instruments, when instead upon doing so, they appear to dance with him. The song has a depressing quality to it but at the same time wants you to smile. The listener, for sure, will hear some great moments while listening to this song.

Romance is the third song of the album. Fast-playing drums introduce the song, and as Satsuki’s electronically manipulated voice joins in, it quickly turns into a normal one. Though the whole song has an incredible speed, Satsuki’s voice never shakes, nor do the instruments, creating--in a good way--a rather schizophrenic feeling. It makes you want to dance and jump around the corner, shaking your head to the beat. The next song, Fate, has the same speed as Romance, so there is no break for the listener. The yells in the background while Satsuki sings make you feel like being at a concert, and there are some moments when you blink and can imagine the band rocking the stage. It seems like the singer wants to encourage the background voices with his singing, which increases the feeling of being in the crowd. Meanwhile, the instruments seem to cheer on the singer as well, which makes the song very special.

Avec le temps ("With Time" in English), is the complete opposite of the last two songs. Beginning very slow with the xylophone and another piano-like instrument, the intro creates the atmosphere of falling rain. The guitar that joins in during that part also underlines this feeling. Satsuki's voice seems to be awakened by that combination, starting lightly until he unleashes his whole vocal color. It seems like he wants the listener to look upon the sky and see the stars shining bright as the rain disappears. At the end of the song, it sounds as if the last rain drops are falling down and the sun is coming out. Inside starts with the piano, which is then followed by the guitars and drums very slightly. The voice joins in on this arrangement, sneaking in as if she does not wish to disturb the instruments, and this feeling remains throughout the whole song. However, in the middle a heavier sound interferes with this, like a bad spirit wanting to crush it. The softness returns quickly, though, so that the listener may think he misheard the heavy part.

NVN brings back the speed! Hard guitar parts introduce this song while the drums seem to cheer up the background vocals with a steady tone. As Satsuki’s voice joins in, the instruments change their way of playing and the yelling voices stop as if to allow him to sing. Furthermore, the fast transition from the yelling voices to the singer’s part can be confusing to the listener. The next song, Malachite, flows well after NVN with increasing speed. However, while the violins in the background do slow down the heavy feeling of the song, they support Satsuki’s voice and later appear to fuse with the guitars, playing as if one part.

After Glow starts off with fast guitar parts but then later becomes soft. In comparison to the other songs, After Glow has a very steady and calm sound, giving a short break to the listeners. Satsuki's voice seems very euphoric and encouraging…or is he is up to something? Then you listen to the next song. Dominated by an angelic piano-play only, In a lucid dream does not seem to belong to this album. Satsuki's voice sounds as if he is far away from reality. The high-pitched voice, piano and soft violins towards the end only strengthen that feeling--you may get the impression of being lost in thoughts or in a long lost dream.

Sympathy is the last song of the new album. If you compare it to the song before, this song feels like being awakened from some dream. The song is neither fast nor slow but is a good way between the two. Once again, Satsuki takes the listener with him on another journey. After the sadness felt in In a lucid dreams, Sympathy brings back the good feelings again!

At the end, you can say that LUMINOUS is another great milestone in Satsuki's career. There are so many different feelings and emotions within this album that you get trapped in another world. You can take the name of the album as a promise to you--because you will hear and feel light while listening to it.
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