Moi dix Mois at Sakura-Con 2012

live report - 06.01.2012 20:01

Moi dix Mois showcased a high-energy performance for the first time in Seattle.

The moment Kanon Wakeshima had left the stage few left; almost all the crowd stayed still and waited in their place as staff rushed to set up for Moi dix Mois’s set. Light chatter filled the auditorium as time passed. Yet when Moi dix Mois’s logo appeared on the three screens, fans focused only on the stage, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Each member stepped through blue smoke and stood in place. K leaned close to the microphone, saying “yokosou” in a deep bass voice. Immediately, fans screamed (mostly for Mana) as the first song, The Pact of Silence 【SE】 started. Initially, it was difficult to hear K's vocals and much of the group's playing due to overt screaming and odd acoustics of the auditorium, but all was settled well in the second and third songs.

In Divine Place, a low purr of bass spilled over the crowd but was soon lost over the audience’s screaming. Then, K introduced the next song Sanctum Regnum in a very low voice while asking everyone to focus on Mana momentarily. The members demonstrated the furitsuke: holding their right hand with the "rock" sign to the right side of their head; switching hands and with the left hand, pushing it straight up in the air; both hands (with "rock" signs) crossed over to form an "x" with while screaming "d," "i" and "x" respectively. Then the final part ends with a loud “dix!” with both hands in the air, with ‘rock’ signs. The members ran through it a few times before the actual song began—K said “Now, let’s begin” in a very deep voice. Thick smoke covered the stage, backed by red lighting. On each letter ("d," "i" and "x" ), the entire auditorium lit up with white light timed to guitar riffs of Sanctum Regnum—what a chilling experience!

Fans continued to scream wildly for Mana. Before introducing the following track, K explained that Mana had written this new track in celebration of Moi dix Mois’ tenth anniversary. The five threw themselves into the melodic song as the audience cheered even louder.

At the beginning of Pendulum, the blue cross on Mana’s custom guitar was the only light visible on stage. The glow of the blue cross pulsated before the music started. Later, both Mana and Seth spun and twirled on the spot; Sugiya stood in his place for most of the live. There was a bit of fan-service: as Mana drew all of his energy to the past-paced guitar solo, Seth knelt at Mana's feet as if Mana were a holy being, raised his hands and praised him—Mana seemed very nonchalant and continued to rock. The stage lights faded as Pendulum came to a close.

In darkness, K half-screamed “Are you ready to scream?” at the beginning of Dead Scape2010. “Ok, show your love to us. Dix love, are you ready?!” Mid-verse, Mana revealed that he had a video camera on him and filmed the audience for the most of the remainder of the song. Towards the end of Ange ~D side holy wings, the members lined up in a row and Hayato stopped drumming and threw his drumsticks into the crowd before leaving the stage. Then, one by one, each member left the stage, leaving the glow of the blue cross on Mana guitar behind. The white stage lights faded and the crowd was left chilled in an eerie blanket of black.

Seconds later, the crowd begged for an encore performance, shouting and cheering at the highest of decibels. Moi dix Mois members dashed onstage (Hayato grabbed a new pair of drumsticks!) and played an additional track, deus ex machine with intensity. Purple and blue lights washed over the members as the audience shared one last moment with Moi dix Mois during their time at Sakura-Con 2012.

Set List:

01. The Pact of Silence 【SE】
02. The Seventh Veil
03. Metaphysical
04. Witchcraft
05. Divine Place
06. Sanctum Regnum
07. The SECT
08. 'New song'
09. Pendulum
10. Immortal madness
11. Dead Scape2010
12. Ange ~D side holy wings

01. deus ex machine
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Moi dix Mois 04/07

Moi dix Mois
Seattle, WA - United States of America
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
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