L'Arc~en~Ciel’s World Tour in Taipei

live report - 04.25.2012 20:01

L'Arc~en~Ciel graces Taipei with a ground and heart-shaking concert of a lifetime.

After the continuous rainy days in Taipei, the rain finally stopped on March 17. Just like the how the weather welcomed the legendary band L'Arc~en~Ciel to hold their 20th anniversary world tour in Taipei, the “the man of sun,” hyde, had already showed his irresistible charm even before the live. When the sun came out, it shone on all the fans with passion and excitement for the live.

It had been a four-year wait for all the fans of L'Arc~en~Ciel who looked forward to the return of this amazing band to Taiwan and rock the night with their music again. After the long wait, some of the fans were so excited that they even made little cards with messages about a secret mission for the band, and they handed them out to the fans before entering the arena. One could tell how all the fans were feeling at that moment just by looking at them, smiling with excitement, anticipation and satisfaction.

At 7:45pm, the lights of the arena dimmed while the yelling of the fans grew. The monitor on the stage projected an exquisite animation announcing that L’Arc~en~Ciel was finally now in Taipei after touring Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai.

Greeting all the awaiting fans with the classic Ibara no namida, hyde showed up with his hair in braids and his charm that enticed the audience to fall into his alluring world. As all fans could feel, the magical night had just begun. tetsuya was dressed like a noble prince, playing the bass so wildly but elegantly that drove all the fans crazy. ken was in black, and he played the guitar with his extraordinary skills that amazed all the fans once again. And yukihiro, of course, played the drums so wholeheartedly that fans felt that like the world consisted only of him, them and the drums. “I’m chasing you,” everybody sang CHASE along with hyde. Afterall, who didn't want to chase after hyde? Hearing the fans' intense response to the band’s famous songs, one knew that the atmosphere of this rare live was not going to be cold.

“Taiwan! Hello Taiwan! We are L'Arc~en~Ciel! Do you miss me? Thank you!” hyde said greeted all the fans in Chinese, which surprised them because he wasn’t reading off a draft but spoke on his own. In reply, the fans screamed and greeted him with happiness. “Are you ready? Let’s get high and feel good together! Jump! ” he shouted, really knowing how to raise the heat to the peak!

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the band not only presented their classic songs, but also rocked the fans’ hearts with their new songs, such as the sexy X X X. hyde licked his lips to flirt with the audience and successfully drove them crazy again while singing the fascinating, psychedelic song, which really did infatuate the listeners as the lyrics went. hyde swung and danced all the time to deliver his wonderful voice and sexy attraction. Fans just couldn’t take their eyes off this glamorous artist. After singing the song, hyde even gave the audience his big, charming, sexy kiss.

“Hello Taiwan! I am ken.” ken said in Chinese, with a large draft in his hand that made everyone laugh. “I ate a lot of steamed dumplings and then went to Long Shang Temple. And then I went to the night market. I bought a gift there for hyde!” Hearing this, hyde smiled with doubt and took the gift from ken. It was a hat in the shape of an Angry Bird. hyde laughed and then put it on without hesitation, making the fans scream once again.

After the cute ceremony, ken led the band to play a special song for Taiwan, Caress of Venus, which made all the fans get high again. All the fans sang“Go!” with this band while the hot blooded song, READY STEADY GO was being played. To express their eagerness and excitement of meeting this outstanding band again, the fans sent all their effort, energy and passion out. Receivng the fans' love, the band smiled back and enjoyed the precious live with the fans. They played together, sang together, yelled together, laughed together, and rocked the night together.

After this song, yuki started his drum solo. With his strength and outstanding skills, the fans’ hearts thumped hard to the pulse of his drums. “yuki!” the fans shouted as praise and compliment to him. Without saying a word, yuki expressed his feelings and love from the bottom of his heart for the fans successfully in his own powerful way. And then came the end of the show.

Instead of yelling “Encore” like fans at other lives would do, the L’Arc~en~Ciel fans started their little secret mission that they had prepared since the beginning of the show. They sang “I wish” together as a gift for their devoted band. It was a way the fans expressed their appreciation, loyalty and admiration toward the god-like band.

Suddenly, the screen showed the lyrics of Anata. The fans soon sang along with the lyrics and background music to welcome the band to come on stage again. It was so touching that some of the fans’ eyes shone with tears.

The atmosphere was set on fire with the encore songs. It was then tetsuya’s turn to speak to his beloved fans in Chinese. He announced, “Hello everyone. We are Girls' Generation from Korea.” Confused by all the fans' mocking faces, tetsuya threw away the draft in his hand and yelled, ”That’s totally wrong!” He successfully made the fans laugh out loud with his cute but creative action. “So, do you want to eat my banana?” he asked, starting his regular tease again. The fans all got crazy and insane right away, led by his sexy but mischievous act. He then played a short but marvelous bass solo.

Getting all the applause and admiring screams from the Taiwanese fans, hyde smiled and praised the fans, “Good boys!” He then spoke in Chinese again, ”Are you happy? Really? I love you! Thank you Taiwan, thanks so much!” He sent his kiss to all the fans once again to express his love and emotions. “Last song, Niji.” With the beautiful, white feathers falling down from the sky, the band presented the last, indescribable song to end this dream-like night.

“Thank you Taiwan, We’ll see you next time!”

These words by hyde will live in all the L’Arc~en~Ciel fans' hearts till they meet this super band once again. L’Arc~en~Ciel not only shook the floor of the concert arena, but they also shook the hearts of the fans and the world with their music and growth in these 20 years. Just like Butterfly, the name of their newest album, this band has metamorphasised and become an unbelievable band. They will fly elegantly in the sky of music, and lead their fans to explore the beautiful and wonderful way with them. They’ll keep flying; it’s still too early for them to land.

Set List:

01. Ibara no namida
07. Hitomi no juunin
08. X X X
09. fate
10. forbidden lover
12. Caress of Venus
13. Driver’s High
16. Anata
17. winter fall
18. Link
19. Niji
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L'Arc~en~Ciel 03/17

Taipei - Taiwan
Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall
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20th L'Anniversary L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour

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