MoNoLith - San gatsu futsuka, sakura iro。

review - 04.27.2012 20:11

A story of graduation, love and creating memories.

Indie visual kei group MoNoLith are releasing a new single Aquarium this May and in light of that, we are taking a look at some of MoNoLith’s earlier releases.

Originally released in March 2011, San gatsu futsuka, sakura iro。 still sounds just as fresh a year later. Only having one track plus a piano and instrumental version, the single displays a snapshot of high school life, love and memories.

MoNoLith is best known for having two vocalists and in San gatsu futsuka, sakura iro。 it serves them well. The interchange between both vocalists’ parts creates the illusion of telling a story to the listener. San gatsu futsuka, sakura iro。 is very bright, uplifting and brings a smile to the face.

San gatsu futsuka, sakura iro。(PV) hints at a one-sided love story between a male classmate and his female sempai. The male struggles to convey feelings to his sempai and after much angst and frustration, he manages to gather his wits and some courage. He runs out to the deserted schoolyard and calls out to his classmate, saying “Sotsugyou, omedetou” to congratulate her on graduation. It isn’t a confession of love or appreciation but those small words might stay with her years for years to come.
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