Plastic Tree Summer Tour 'Stereo Koumorizoku' at JCB Hall

live report - 10.14.2008 08:00

Plastic Tree finished their Summer tour with a sparkling live at JCB Hall on September 8th.

The vast JCB Hall, that stretches three levels underground, was full of Plastic Tree fans. With a career of more than ten years as Plastic Tree, they attracted a wide range of young fans to their concert who milled about in the arena and the balconies, eagerly awaiting their band.

The hall darkened to announce their arrival and across a white screen, an animated bat flew together with the tour title, Stereo Koumorizoku.

A white curtain hung across the stage and while the members were still silhouette behind the curtain, the performance began with Gentou Kikai. As the white curtain fell May Day began, followed by Paranoia with all the fans jumping along excitedly. Vocalist Ryutaro Arimura wandered about the stage from right to left to communicate with the fans who cheered even louder. The projector meanwhile had drawn two big record players facing each other on the on the curtain behind the band, serving as backdrop images for the songs.

"Hello. We are Plastic Tree. We returned, from a long journey, to Tokyo" said Ryutaro, introducing the band. The lights on the stage turned light blue then, in keeping with the title of the next, Mizuiro Girlfriend (water color girlfriend). The lively rock-pop sound got the whole room jumping to the beat. This was followed by Alone Again, Wonderful World, the single released in April and a new song, Dummy Box, from the new album. "Is the new song good? I think it is good," said Ryutaro afterward. Plastic Tree continued with a further two new songs from the upcoming album: Balloon began with a quiet introduction, but soon turned into a powerful melody while GEKKO OVERHEAD pleased fans with its fun pop-rock indie sound.

"Are you happy? Please dance energetically," Ryutaro said. The audience responded positively as Sunday and Himitsu no carnival were played. "Dance!" shouted Ryutaro. The fans complied with this by jumping.

The live took a slower turn then with Suiminyaku. During Dolly, Ruisen Kairo and Melancholic, the stage was filled with colourful light and smoke. The fans threw up their hands, punching the air with an enthusiasm, that lasted until after the song was over.

"Dolly and Replay were released last month. This latest released music seems to be the best now," Ryutaro said. "The next song is Replay." Eight flames were illuminated and burnt on the stage. Drums, bass, guitar; the sound that together with the powerful vocals created a festival atmosphere for the finale: Kuuchuu Buranko. They bowed to the fans, and the yelling for the encore started immediately when they vacated the stage.

"Did you say an encore? Though it was the only live this summer, it was a great summer!" Ryutaro said as he returned barefoot. The first encore was Nukegara. The whole hall became bright with the main melody as Ryutaro sang powerfully. During Cream, silver and red tapes were shot out from the stage and caught by the fans. The hall then became a sparkle of silver and red as the audience shook the streamers in both of their hands to the music. Ryutaro opened both his hands out to the crowd, "Thank you!" he said and then left the stage.

The second encore calls did not take long to answer. "This Tokyo performance, a good first day!" said Ryutaro. "Welcome to the live of Plastic Tree," said guitarist Nakayama Akira. "JCB hall, Nice to meet you. Thank you for today!" said drummer Sasabuchi Hiroshi. "I think that a rock band is hero-like," said bassist Hasegawa Tadashi.

"On September 24 we are releasing a new album Utsusemi" said Ryutaro before continuing into the final encore. He turned his microphone to the fans for Ao Yori Aoku and Abstract My Life and they sang together. When the music was over, the members left the stage with a bow to the fans. Finally Tadashi spoke the last words, "Thank you very much!" before disappearing behind the curtain.

It was another incredible live, with songs and staging drawing fans once more into the world of Plastic Tree.

Set list:

01. Gentou kikai
02. May Day
03. Paranoia
04. Mizuiro girlfriend
05. Alone Again, Wonderful World
06. Dummy Box
07. Balloon
09. Sunday
10. Himitsu no carnival
11. Suiminyaku
12. Dolly
13. Ruisen kairo
14. Melancholic
15. Replay
16. Kuuchuu Buranko

Encore 1

01. Nukegara
02. Cream

Encore 2

01. Ai yori aoku
02. Abstract My Life
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