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interview - 04.21.2008 08:00


March 19th marked about a year and a half since his last work, miyavi uta - dokusou, in which he put forth the style of "dokusou (solo)". His long-expected new original album, miyavi-THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK, has dropped and miyavi will release the singles he worked on in collaboration with KABUKI BOIZ. Over the past year he has extended the scope of his lyrics and sound dramatically, so we can't help looking forward to this new album. Let's see what he has to say this time!

I listened to your new album. Well, it's quite a problematic piece of work, in a way.

miyavi: Eh? Why? (laugh)

I think the content is quite radical.

miyavi: Ah, I see...it's quite strong this time. But I tried to dilute it a bit at the end of the album.

Um, so you diluted it. (laugh) However, it's cool that you finished it with your solo performance. Anyway, the denseness of the first half really has impact. The sounds are aggressive, and the words are almost taboo. I mean you said straightly what no one can easily say even if they want to say it.

miyavi: Do you think so? I am not really conscious of that. Basically, it's what is recent for me...going with the flow. I am particularly aware of the title though "I'm Japanese". And I think that it's also because I have a world tour coming up.

That sounds kind of heavy. So do you feel like you are carrying the Japanese flag?

miyavi: Yeah, but that's kind of over-the-top, I think. (laugh) But it is a big responsibility.

All the songs are quite heavy in nature. I was taken aback by several songs in the first half.

miyavi: Yes, that's why I have some phrases that I wanted to sing straightly. It might be heavy, but I wanted to sing properly...so it's dense. (laugh)

As for the first song, JPN PRIDE, Japanese identity is brought into the spotlight. Then I thought about the phrase you use, "Shimaguni dokonjou (insularism)", which is usually taken as negative, but it sounds positive in your work.

miyavi: Human beings always see weak points. And that includes me. But I think it's important how we can change things to make them better. These lyrics are dense, but I read them positively. They are deep, but still positive. I mean the positivity is just deep. Well, however...I don't know. I don't think girls like these kinds of lyrics, to be honest. (laugh) But I just wanted to sing properly here, especially because I'm going around the world.

This year you will do an intense world tour.

miyavi: I'll have pride as a Japanese person. I don't intend to dis other countries' people, but we Japanese don't want to forget the cool part and hot part that makes us Asian. Well, it's all pretty heavy. (laugh)

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