MUCC - Horizont

review - 12.07.2006 07:00

Review of MUCC's 4th single of 2006.

Horizont offers something MUCC fans definitely were not expecting. This single is jazzier and much more upbeat when compared to previous releases, but considering the route that MUCC had taken with the their previous single, Utagoe, it really isn't too much of a shock that this single is different.

The title-track, Horizont, which begins with a flute playing, shows a more upbeat side of MUCC. This song is amazing; all instruments are clearly heard and without one over-powering another. Tatsuro's voice is a perfect compliment; although his voice is powerful and loud, he isn't screaming which gives the song a more mellow feeling even with its upbeat tempo.

Kokorio, the second track, is a song that showcases just how diverse this band is becoming. This is the first track to have been written by YUKKE, who wrote both the music and the lyrics. The bassist, whose inspiration mainly comes from 80's j-pop music, shows off the jazzier and more reggae side of MUCC which makes one want to literally get up and dance. The guitar solo in this track is brief, yet very powerful. The most affecting part in this track is the mix of the vocals leading into the chorus. Tatsuro's voice is clearly heard, but there's a background voice, assumed to be Miya's, and instead of singing with the same or higher pitch (like he normally does), he's actually singing an octave lower which adds a lot of emphasis to the chorus.

Continuing MUCC's release of re-makes, this time around it's the classic Shoufu. Compared to the original, since this track is remastered, the recording sounds a lot more clear and is easy on the ears. Other then that, it sounds pretty much the same. Unlike its predecessor tracks, this track is fast-paced and heart pounding.

All in all, this was a really good single. If you've been a fan of MUCC for years, those first couple tracks will take a bit of getting use to, but Horizont is definitely outstanding and worth listening to.
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