MERRY "Merry Halloween Party ~Trick or MERRY~" at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU

live report - 11.17.2018 19:01

On this spooky Halloween evening, MERRY gave their fans a special rendezvous at the HOLIDAY SHINJUKU live house.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular celebrations of the year in Japan. While some dress up in costumes and roam the streets of Shibuya, JaME has chosen to share with you a unique experience by watching a live show of MERRY on this very special night.

At the venue, hundreds of fans, mostly ladies, were either in costume or wearing the band’s official merchandise. Everyone was smiling and excited about what they were about to see. Once you got to the stage you would notice that even though the audience was mainly composed of women; several generations were represented, proof that with 17 years of activity, the band united both old and new fans.

The lights were turned off and the concert began with the catchy Zombie Paradise ~Jigokunorondo~, the perfect opening considering it also fit the “Kimono Zombie” visual concept of the band. While songs from the new era and old era of the band followed one another such as Atama ga zakuro or Inu gata shinsei MASOCHIST, Gara offered a stunning vocal and scenic performance. The chemistry between the band and the audience, especially during songs like Unbalance Cinema was so obvious, it felt natural.

Everyone was dancing, singing, and screaming as one. Precisely at this moment, the other member of the band woke up and ignited the scene. It was really funny to see Nero get spritzed every two minutes to cool down from all of the energy he was exerting on his drums.

After 15 songs, the band had a break and talked to the audience for about 15 minutes. Gara promised that even though he didn’t know where the band would be in the future, MERRY would continue to make music as long as the fans keep supporting them. The band celebrating their 17th anniversary this year is not random luck. This is about seizing opportunities and making one’s own luck. The band feels really grateful to have so many amazing fans but do not use the word "luck" to describe their achievement. It is thanks to hard work that they were able to seize the opportunities along their way and of course thanks to their wonderful fans.

The encore began and we had the chance to hear the full version of their new song called sheeple. This song will be available during MERRY’s next performance on November 7th at the Ebisu Liquidroom. Furthermore, when we all thought it was over, we had the pleasure to receive a second encore. The audience became uncontrollable and started a giant mosh pit until the end of the last song Midnight Shangrila.

With 22 songs from all different eras of the discography of the band, a scenography simple but efficient (with a wild screen behind the scene using halloween footage such as spider webs, pumpkins, ghosts, etc.) and a great performance, MERRY offered an exceptional halloween night to their fans. The cherry on the cake: all the fans left with a bag full of treats!

So … Trick or MERRY? We’ve already chosen!

Set list

01. Zombie Paradise ~Jigokunorondo~
03. Atama ga zakuro
04. Okubyou mono no nemuri kata
05. Inu gata shinsei MASOCHIST
06. Tsumi
07. Seinen himitsu kurabu
08. Kubitsuri rondo
09. Akai kutsu
10. Bara to katasumi no Blues
11. Unbalance Cinema
13. Aikokuni 〜 Burst 〜
14. Chiyoda-sen Democracy
15. Violet Zombi (Violet Harenchi)

Encore 1
16. Black flag symptom
17. gaudy
18. F. J. P
19. Mology
20. sheeple

Encore 2
21. Japanese Modernist
22. Midnight Shangrila
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