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interview - 09.07.2017 20:01

BABYRAIDS JAPAN challenges both the cute and cool styles.

Idol group BABYRAIDS JAPAN will hold their debut USA performance at J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco this weekend. Read on to find out what the girls have to say to JaME!

In order to raid the fiercely competitive idol industry in Japan, you must be special. What sets BABYRAIDS JAPAN apart from other idols?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: We put energy into our songs. We also strive for dances that can captivate the viewer instantly. We have a great variation of songs that are energetic, cute, interesting, and that people can't get enough of, so we'd really like for everyone to listen to our powerful singing voices and watch our passionate dance!

Why did each of you decide to be an idol?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: We became idols because we wanted to someday deliver songs that express our feelings confidently to the world. We're grateful to the staff member who first called out to us and asked us whether we wanted to be idols.

Your upcoming J-POP SUMMIT performance marks your first time in the USA. What goals have you set for yourself for this concert?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: To meet our fans in America! We’d be really happy if not only the fans who already know about us and watch us online enjoy our performance, but also that the fans who will see us there for the first time can come to like us.

How do you think your music will appeal to the American audience?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: There is a tremendous variety of Japanese idols from the cute type like AKB48 to the cool type like BABYMETAL, but we're trying to challenge both cute and cool, so we'd love to show off our multifaceted style and make music that anyone can listen to. Also we're particular about the fact that all our music is recorded live, so please pay attention to that!

What is the concept or theme of the title track of your latest single OOOOO?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: This song was the ending theme for the anime adaptation of the manga “Fastest Finger First.” Going with the show's setting of a high school Quiz Bowl club, the song expresses "finding an answer (the future)." This song says that, for you, who work hard everyday, don't fear, if you resolve yourself and put in all your effort, success will follow suit.

What kind of feelings did you pour into Silence Nonsense Sigh, the second track of OOOOO?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: This song is about how in our current society we can't do without social media. It depicts the backwards conflict of a girl who both wants lots of "LIKE"s and for people to pay attention to her, but who also worries that she can't take good photos of herself, and doesn't want things about her to be shared. We think there are a lot of girls like this, so we'd love for them to break out and sing with us!

Limited Edition Type A of OOOOO comes with a bonus DVD containing footage from your live concerts. Which is your favorite song performance out of those?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: Our second performance at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall (two years after the first) left a really strong impression on us, so we're thrilled that a recorded version was made. The song we sang then, Yoake Brand New Days, is on our official YouTube channel, so please check it out. The moment when we get to breathe the same air as our audience and perform for them is so thrilling, so let's all clap and dance along together and enjoy the live!

In April, you started starring in Japanese TV program "Asakusa Babe 9". Please share with us your experience being on a TV show.

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: In a battle between members, we competed in physical strength, fashion sense, trivia, endurance, etc., as a way to show off our individual charms. The program is set in the holy land of entertainment, the popular tourist spot Asakusa, so please check it out!

After J-POP SUMMIT, what's next for BABYRAIDS JAPAN?

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: We’re already planning a one-man live performance and some other activities, so please check out our homepage for more information. Also, our dream is to broaden our scope and keep performing abroad. Last year was Paris and this year was Shanghai and San Francisco, so each year we want to go to even more countries and introduce BABYRAIDS JAPAN to people all around the world. Most of all we want to bring energy to the world.

Lastly, please leave a message for JaME readers.

BABYRAIDS JAPAN: We're BABYRAIDS JAPAN! Nice to meet you! We’re a five-member dance and vocal unit from Japan. Various Japanese rock artists help produce our music and both our clothes and performance are made with a rock style. The "gap" between the members' cute and playful side, and their "rock" singing is part of our charm. Please come meet us at J-POP SUMMIT! We hope we can meet all our American fans in person and have a fun time together. We're really looking forward to it!

JaME would like to thank BABYRAIDS JAPAN and MediaLab Public Relations for this interview opportunity.

The music video for OOOOO can be watched below:

J-POP SUMMIT 2017 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 9th and 10th at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture located in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Attendees will experience the festival’s theme of "ARTS, EATS and INNOVATIONS"; a vibrant celebration of Japanese pop culture featuring live music, Japanese food and travel attractions, and interactive technologies. The festival is accented by ramen vendors, sake-tasting, and additional events highlighted by celebrity Guests-of-Honor.

Festival details are available at

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San Francisco, CA - United States of America
Fort Mason Center

San Francisco, CA - United States of America
Fort Mason Center
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