HIZAKI at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London

live report - 12.22.2016 19:01

Guitarist extraordinaire HIZAKI takes center stage for an evening solo performance.

The final act of HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market's Saturday live performances saw visual kei guitarist and musician HIZAKI take the stage.

The room was filled almost to the very back, a slight technical problem not hindering anyone in the slightest as everyone waited patiently and excitedly for the show to begin. With the electrics fixed, the lights were dimmed and an introductory musical score sounded through the room, which was met with a wave of cheers that increased as HIZAKI appeared on stage. Dressed in a gorgeous white gown embroidered with gold, HIZAKI held his position elegantly for a few moments as people gazed in awe before taking fans into the first song of the evening, Elizabeth, filled with energy and passionate riffs.

Silent Knight, one that many will recall from Versailles and which also makes an appearance on his newest album Rosario, stopped hearts for several minutes as the soulful guitar work led in to manic shredding and back to gorgeous melodies, all backed by computer generated rhythms and beats.

On the other hand, Race Wish opened with a slower tempo, gothic keyboards and a simple drumbeat as HIZAKI began with a modest melody before opening fully into an anthem style piece that had heads bopping and fists thrown into the air in time to the beat.

Many here this evening were supporting HIZAKI for his solo debut show in London. However, as he was wrapping things up by thanking the audience, he finished with “I will be back, next year, with Versailles!” which invited a louder surge of cheers from people obviously excited to see the iconic band back in Europe again. Taking a last few moments to take the obligatory stage photo, HIZAKI thanked the fans once more and left the stage … until next year.

Set List

01. Elizabeth
02. Grace and Dignity
03. Desert Apple
04. fly through the air
05. Silent Knight
06. Race Wish
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London - United Kingdom
Tobacco Dock
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