Kazuki Kato Live “GIG” Tour 2014 ~Sing A Song Fighter~

live report - 08.08.2014 20:01

Kazuki Kato releases his passion through his music and takes it to the next stage.

Kazuki Kato’s acting career has seen him appear in many films and TV dramas, as well as in stage dramas and musicals. 2014 has been a busy year for him, performing in the theatre production Sanada juu yuushi in January and the world premiere musical Lady Bess in April. However, he also aggressively pursues a music career, having released his tenth single Legend Is Born on June 4th this year, and kicking off his Live “GIG” TOUR 2014 on June 6th in Matsuyama. This live at Kanazawa AZ was the fifth concert of the tour.

First off, Kazuki’s support band: drummer Mai Imamura, bassist Michitaro Shimamoto, guitarist Katsundo Igarashi and keyboardist Tooru Yoshida, appeared on the stage. Then Kazuki Kato himself took the stage. The live started with the rhythmical impure love, with the band creating a superb groove around Kazuki’s vocals. In HIGHER DREAM, the audience raised their fists to the rock rhythm, and clapped their hands during Dear my friend, a song for which Kazuki wrote the lyrics. In Hang Glider, the band and fans all jumped. Real followed, and Kazuki sang out the serious lyrics as if he were talking one-to-one with the audience.

Feeling the heat, Kazuki took off his jacket and the fans raised shrill cheers. An MC followed, and speaking in his Nagoya dialect, Kazuki talked in a very friendly manner with the fans for a while. He thanked them, and told them to “Never give up” and “Accomplish what you believe in.”

He sang the sad love song G senjou no Mari bathed dramatically in red light, which then turned to blue as the grand ballad Seiten no hekireki followed. “Please think of your precious person as you listen to this song.” Kazuki picked up an acoustic guitar, and Aikotoba begun quietly, followed by the slow ballads Solitaire and Soba ni ite. Beautiful piano melodies and vocals grew into one, and his words penetrated straight into the audience’s souls.

The latter half of the live started with the light rock song WARNING. The audience raised their fists and jumped rhythmically. When the seductive guitar riff of Vampire began, the audience shouted for joy. Kazuki sang enthusiastically as he shook his body wildly. In the driving rocker Flaming ice, the members moved around on the stage left and right to stir up the audience.

“Throw out all disgusting things you have here!” In LADY GO!!, which is a cheering song for working women, everyone danced cheerfully. Yokujou-libido started with an impressive bass solo, and the instrument’s cool low sounds resonated rhythmically. During BEACH, men in real animal masks appeared on the stage, dancing and firing water pistols at the audience. The audience got soaked, but seemed to even enjoy it, shouting “Yeah! Yeah!” whilst they clapped their hands, jumped, and spun their towels around. In the following Shakunetsu finger de FEVER!, the members and fans jumped as one, and the venue became like a festival. By this point, Kazuki was sweating so much, his tanktop clung sexily to his chest. His tenth single Legend Is Born closed the main set.

For the encore, members in black t-shirts appeared onstage. After the members were introduced, they performed Hitorijanai from the new single. Kazuki wrote the lyrics of this song and he sang out the positive message over the grand melodies. “Let’s burn out together!” In instinctive love, the band and fans all danced to the wild rock beats. Five members, who finished their performance and ran through the live, shook their hands and lined up on the stage. As they bowed deeply, the audience showed their appreciation with rapturous applause.

Kazuki, an artist of many talents, releases his passion through his music and takes it to the next stage. He keeps on running positively and honestly, and continues to treasure his bonds with fans.

Set List

01. impure love
03. Dear my friend
04. Hang Glider
05. Real
06. G senjou no Maria
07. Seiten no hekireki
08. Aikotoba
09. Solitaire
10. Soba ni ite
12. Vampire
13. Flaming ice
14. LADY GO!!
15. Yokujou-libido-
17. Shakunetsu finger de FEVER!
18. Legend Is Born

En1. Hitorijanai
En2. instinctive love

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