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Even though BLACK LINE was a young band, they built a strong fanbase with their music, ensuring that they will be missed.

BLACK LINE was a visual kei band that formed in March 2011 by two ex-members of Dio - distraught overlord. The original line-up also included guitarist Takato and bassist Tomoki. Unfortunately, Tomoki soon left the band due to health problems, and then Takato parted from the band, too, so from July 2011 BLACK LINE had to pause their activities.

However in October the band welcomed new members: guitarist Yudai and bassist Jun. The first official live of the renewed quartet was held on December 16th during the GLAMOROUS NIGHT event at Otsuka Deepa in Tokyo, after which BLACK LINE played a series of concerts throughout Japan.

At the end of June 2012 they signed to the label Wonder Closet and released their debut single, titled LEGNA on September 26th. Around that time they announced they would embark on their first European tour in December. The tour started on December 8th and ended on December 23th. During this tour, BLACK LINE visited France, Germany, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, and Russia. During the tour, their next single BEAUTY & THE DEVIL went on sale.

In July 2013 they released their first digital single on iTunes, NO LIGHT NO SHINE. In August they played the one-man live SUMMER PARTY 2013 at Shibuya REX. A couple days later, they announced an unexpected hiatus, starting from December 26th.

During this hiatus, vocalist Mikaru started his solo project, G.L.A.M.S. While BLACK LINE didn't officially announce their return, they started to slowly re-enter the music scene with a series of lives. However, before the expiry of their contract with FUJI PRODUCTION, BLACK LINE released their last release. THIS IS WAR EP hit stores on June 11th, 2014.

The news of their disbandment came in September. BLACK LINE bade farewell to fans at the one-man live GOOD BYE BLACKERS on December 16th. Though they were a young band, they built up a solid fanbase and will surely be missed.
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