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DEATHGAZE was formed in July of 2003 and originally consisted of Kanna, Ai (ex-Keil), Naoki and Hazuki (both formerly members of Berry).

The band started their career with a few small performances and in February of 2004 released their first maxi-single, 294036224052. After a brief tour from March to April 2004, Hazuki left to become the vocalist of lynch. and Kanna left to play guitar for Puppet Mammy.

Instead of the usual reaction of disbanding, the remaining two DEATHGAZE members contacted Keil's Naoto and Sou, formerly of Be≒Luna. DEATHGAZE was complete again and released their second single Chaos in February of 2005. In August of the same year, a second-press edition was released containing one new song. In November, the single Downer was released and DEATHGAZE had several one-man lives and a tour called Drug Overdose Death. The tour ended with final live at Meguro Rockmaykan, during which fans were given a DVD with music video.

In April of 2006 the single Fuhai to fusei, available only during the tour FEEL THE HEAVYNESS!, was released. In July DEATHGAZE has released a full-length album, genocide and mass murder. To promote this release the band held a two-month-long tour genocidal venom and also had two special shows with girugamesh under the names girugaze and deathgamesh. Unfortunately at the end of 2006, vocalist Sou decided to leave the band to get married, leaving DEATHGAZE without a frontman once again.

In 2007 the band held an audition to fill the gap. Probably no one met their exceptions because in November they announced that Ai, DEATHGAZE’s bassist, had become the new vocalist. With Ai on vocals the trio released three singles the next year - insult kiss me, Dearest and I’m broken baby – before they found new bassist, Kosuke. The year 2008 ended with the release of second full album, AWAKE-evoke the urge-. To celebrate its premiere band held a one-man live in Nagoya.

However, DEATHGAZE seemed to be born under an unlucky star, since guitarist Naoto left DEATHGAZE after Takadanobaba AREA’s live on April 26th, 2009. The band, reduced again to three members, continued their activities. In September they released another album, THE CONTINUATION, containing re-recorded old songs with Ai on vocals. Soon after they started the short tour, UNITE THE BLOOD, visiting Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. During this tour Takaki (ex-member ASS’n’ARROW) supported the band as a guitarist. He became an official member on November 20th 2009.

In November 2009 the band also managed to release the single BLOOD, followed by the single SORROW released in May 2010. Both CDs were in the top 10 of the Oricon indies charts. Autumn saw DEATHGAZE playing as an accompanying band for lynch. during their tour. On September 10th both bands held a two-man band event titled Friction Effect. The end of the year came with the premiere of their full-length album BLISS OUT. The next year brought the release of two singles, SILENCE/THE END and USELESS SUN. Both hit high positions on the Oricon charts.

On February 22nd 2012 the band released their second live DVD, 2011 PREMIUM NIGHT「BLISS OUT MIND」 - FROM THE END -. In April CREATURE, the band’s fifth album, hit the stores. Soon after its premiere, DEATHGAZE held the tour GLORY CREATURES, which ended on June 30th at Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo. The next tour, held to promote single DEAD BLAZE, ended recently on February 2013.

In 2013 DEATHGAZE celebrates their 10th anniversary. The band has planned several new releases, and they will also tour Japan and Europe!
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