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Remioromen is a three-man band that plays catchy, often mellow rock. With no visual get-ups, they appear to be a bunch of regular guys.

Although this description makes it seem as though they are nothing special and are just another small band trying to get attention, this is very untrue: the band has been incredibly popular in Japan throughout their career, with many releases hitting the top 10 of the Oricon Charts. The band gained a lot of recognition from the Japanese public with their single Konayuki, which was used as a theme song for the drama "1 rittoru no namida” (1 litre of tears).

Perhaps the secret of their success is their 'normal' but genuine style, which means they’ve manage to use their own talents, rather than flashy gimmicks, to reach the hearts of many people.
autor: Kay (2013-02-15)
Remioromen was formed in December 2000 by the singer-songwriter Fujimaki Ryota on vocals and guitar, studio musician Maeda Keisuke on bass and drummer Jinguji Osamu. The trio met each other at school when they were classmates. The name of the band doesn’t mean anything specific and was chosen after combining their favorite letters and some games of jankenpon (rock, paper, scissors).

The band started performing in Gunma, a prefecture North of Tokyo. However, they then decided to increase their live activities and went to Tokyo instead. As they increased the number of performances, they became more well-known and their fanbase started to grow steadily.

In 2002, the three of them moved back to their hometown of Yamanashi and started to focus even more on the band. They wrote more songs and practiced in the main hall of the Shinto shrine they had rented, almost every day. They also recorded a CD independently and distributed it at their concerts. It sold out very quickly, exceeding all expectations.

Their first CD came out in March 2003: the mini-album Festa. It was a small success and ranked first on the indie charts. Shortly after this they released their first single, Ameagari, which was well promoted on every radio station. During the summer, another single followed and Remioromen held a number of performances, all of which received very good feedback. Ryota then started his own radio show and the success of the band continued to grow when they released their first album, Asagao, in November. Shortly after, they performed their first one-man concert at SHIBUYA-AX.

On New Year’s Eve, Remioromen performed at the COUNT DOWN JAPAN event, one of the biggest events in Japan to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Since then, they have participated in all of its editions.

The year 2004 started with their first nationwide one-man tour and the release of the single Sangatsu kokonoka. The title translates to 'March 9th,' which was also the release date. In order to promote the single, they held a concert at their old junior high school for approximately 2000 people. Later, the song would be used in a television drama which helped further the band’s popularity. They did another nationwide tour, this time with 20 shows, and during the summer they held countless performances at open air events and other events.

The following year could be considered the year of Remioromen's big breakthrough. New singles and the album ether were released and they held various tours and performances, amongst them a live at the Nippon Budokan which was later released on DVD. Furthermore, their songs Sangatsu kokonoka (a choral version) and the not yet released Konayuki were chosen to be the theme songs of the popular drama 1 rittoru no namida (1 litre of tears), which aired from October to December.

Thanks to the use of their songs in this drama, their popularity increased immensely. Shortly afterwards, the single Konayuki was released and became a huge success: even though it didn't reach the first rank on the Oricon charts, it managed the second and remained in the charts for 46 weeks, almost an entire year. Konayuki became the second best-selling single of 2006 and the video won the award for 'Best Pop Video' at the MTV VMAJ 2006. The first time the band performed the song was at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, an open air theatre. As the temperature outside was only six degrees Celsius, this seemed quite appropriate as the title Konayuki means 'powder snow' in Japanese.

Their third album, HORIZON, came out in May and was their first release to rank first on the Oricon charts. It is their most popular album to date. In August, Remioromen held their largest live yet at the airport in Yamanashi where 30,000 people attended. The concert was recorded and distributed on the live album Flash and Gleam a few months later.

The year 2007 brought three more singles and various performances at summer events. 2008 continued in a similar fashion with the band touring during the first five months of the year. The tour consisted of 40 concerts all over the country and a live DVD of this tour, titled TOUR 2008 “Wonderful & Beautiful”, was released in May. Summer saw another single release and December brought their fourth album, Kaze no Chroma, which was accompanied by a tour as well. Three more singles, the best-of album Remio Best and their fourth live DVD followed in 2009. Although an almost unnoticeable change for fans, they moved from Victor Records to Avex with the release of the single Yume no tsubomi at the beginning of the year.

In 2010, Remioromen grandly celebrated their tenth anniversary. Starting off with a nationwide tour of nearly 50 dates at the beginning of the year, the band also found time in-between to release their next album Kachoufuugetsu. In January 2011, the band released a special 10th anniversary box called 10th Anniversary Special CD BOX “Your Song”. Fans were given the opportunity to choose the track list and so newly arranged versions of favorites Konayuki and Sangatsu kokonoka were featured, along with a new song called Your Song, which was also released on its own as a limited single. Continuing with the "Your Song" theme, Remioromen held a special concert on March 9 in Yokohama with a set list selected by their fans and a string orchestra accompanying the trio. In April, this unique concert was released on CD and digitally on iTunes.

However, after this live CD release the band stopped releasing new items, although they continued to perform throughout the year. In December, it was announced that vocalist Ryota was preparing for his solo-debut, with his first release due in February 2012. Shortly before his debut, on February 1, the band announced on their official homepage that they would be going on hiatus. The reasons cited were musical differences between the band members as well as Ryota’s solo debut.

Since then, Ryota has been working on his solo-career while Maeda Keisuke is continuing to work as a producer and songwriter for artists such as lego big morl and SMAP. Jinguji Osamu has been playing drums as a support member for several artists, amongst them Ide Mariko.

Although the future seems unsure for Remioromen, the band members have assured their fans that this is only a temporary hiatus and not the definitive end of Remioromen. When the band members will reunite, however, remains to be seen.
autor: Kay (2013-02-15)
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